What to see and do in the city of Brussels II

Brussels what to see

We already talked about some of the most interesting corners of the European city of Brussels. From the fun Manneken Pis to the amazing Atomium. This city is full of contrasts and places to see, so we have done a second round with things that you cannot miss if you visit this city.

This time we will talk about the many museums that are in this interesting and cultural city, but also religious buildings beyond the cathedral and other corners that can be part of the places of interest. So add them to your list before leaving on your trip to Brussels.

Palace of the Fiftieth Anniversary

Fiftieth anniversary

This palace is a very beautiful place that makes us transport ourselves to Berlin. It is located in the Cinquantenaire Park and it has a triumphal arch with a bronze chariot on top, which is very reminiscent of the Brandenburg Gate. The park is the second largest in the city, near the European Parliament area, so it is a place where workers usually go to eat.

The Sacred Heart Basilica

Sacred Heart Basilica

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart is another religious building worth seeing, in addition to the Brussels Cathedral. Although it is certainly not that important or that old, since it is a XNUMXth century building, but it is quite a nice place with an original Art Deco style. You will recognize it by its huge green dome, and it is one of the tallest churches in the world. One of the most interesting things that can be done in this basilica is to climb to the top and enjoy its viewpoint with panoramic views of the city. It is the ideal place to see what the city is like from above. The only thing that this basilica may have is that it is not located in the center of the city, so it is not at hand and if we do not have time it may not be a visit that we make on the route.

Notre Dame du Sablon

Notre Dame du Sablon

This is the other religious building that is important in the city, and is that this Gothic church has a very beautiful architecture with many details. Inside we can also see quite sobriety, highlighting the forms, arches and stained glass windows more than the decoration, which is scarce. In this it resembles the cathedral, although it is smaller in size. It is located in the upper part of the city and dates from the XNUMXth century.

Brussels park

Brussels park

The Brussels Park is the main green lung of the city. This large park is the place of relaxation for many of the citizens and a place for walks. Near this park is the Royal Palace, so we can do two visits at the same time. Enjoy a relaxing walk through the greenest area of ​​the city and finish with a visit to the palace.

Mini Europe

Mini Europe

Mini Europe is a very peculiar place where you can see hundreds of mockups representing the most important places in Europe. They are models at a fairly large size, so it is fun and at the same time it is an educational place for children if you go as a family. It can be seen from the Tower of Pisa to the Cathedral of Santiago. The best thing is that the models are made with great detail, making it a very fun and interesting visit. It is located right next to the Atomium, to do two visits at the same time.

Coudenberg Palace


These vestiges of the old palace they are located under the Place Royal. An old palace from the XNUMXth and XNUMXth century that still stands today. Inside you can see different rooms in which there is not much to see, but that tell us the ancient history of the city.

Museums in the city of Brussels

Magritte Museum

There are many different museums in Brussels, making it a great city for those who enjoy cultural visits. One of the most important is the Magritte Museum, which exposes the evolution of this Belgian artist with international repercussion. In the museum there are 250 works to be able to see his work and how it changed over time. In the Grand Place you have the Museum of the city, where you can learn the history of Brussels if you find it interesting. The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium are four buildings of ancient and modern art with paintings or sculptures, with artists like Rubens.

We can also visit other museums of interest, such as the Museum of Musical Instruments, with thousands of instruments from all ages. The Military History Museum or Natural Sciences can be interesting places for anyone. From military vehicles to dinosaurs. There are many themed museums in the city to keep you entertained. They even have a comic museum with more than 6.000 original comics.

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