What to see and do in the city of Malaga


The city of Malaga is a place packed with interesting spaces. We are not only referring to the tourism of the coast and the sun, which attracts many, but also a tourism in which we find museums of great importance, historical monuments and streets full of bustle and joy. Without a doubt, Malaga is a city that offers a lot to those who are going to visit it, and that is why we will tell you some of the things you can see and do in the city.

In this Malaga city We cannot forget to have fun, so we will find many leisure spaces, but it is a place that has the perfect balance between fun and cultural spaces of interest. Without a doubt we are going to have to spend a few days in this city to be able to enjoy it all.

Visit La Alcazaba


This palace arab fortress Built in the XNUMXth century, it is the jewel in the crown, and a place where we can learn much more about the history of the city. From its Roman to Muslim and Renaissance times, as there are other places of interest near the Alcazaba. It is located at the foot of Mount Gibralfaro, and the good thing is that in the upper area of ​​the mount is the famous Gibralfaro Castle. We will have everything close to visit it the same day. Inside the Alcazaba we can find the Plaza de Armas, the Taifal and Nasrid Palace, the various interior courtyards of the enclosure, the defensive walls or the Tower of Homage.

Go up to Gibralfaro Castle

Castle of Gibralfaro

This Gibralfaro Castle was built in that place precisely to protect the Alcazaba from sieges. In Phoenician times there was an enclosure with a lighthouse, hence its name, but it was the Arabs who turned it into a proper fortress. Later it was taken by the Catholic Monarchs and used to house the troops and protect the Alcazaba thanks to its privileged position. From the top we will have a wonderful panoramic view of the city, and on clear days we may even see Gibraltar.

Go back in time at the Roman Theater

Teatro novel

We realize how important Mount Gibralfaro was for the city, since there was a Phoenician settlement there before the Romans, and today we find all kinds of monuments from various historical periods. At the foot of the Alcazaba is preserves the Roman Theater, Another must see point. Its construction was carried out in the XNUMXst century BC. In the enclosure you can visit the interpretation center of the Roman Theater, where there are audiovisuals that help us understand the uses of the theater and what it was like in its beginnings.

Tour the Cathedral of Malaga

Malaga Cathedral

La Holy Church Cathedral Basilica of the Incarnation, known as the Cathedral of Malaga, has a Renaissance style that makes it an important cathedral as a representative of this artistic trend in Andalusia. It was built on a Great Mosque, and is an unfinished work due to constant interruptions. The fact that it only has one tower makes it popularly called 'la Manquita'. It is in the Plaza del Obispo and in it you can visit the Cathedral Museum and the vaults of the cathedral.

Enjoy the Museums

Picasso Museum

In the city of Malaga you can enjoy some important museums, including the Picasso Museum and the Carmen Thyssen Museum. The Picasso Museum is dedicated to the painter Picasso, born in Malaga, and is one of the two art galleries together with the Fundación Picasso Museo Casa Natal. There are up to 285 works by the artist in the museum. The Carmen-Thyssen Museum is in a Renaissance building, and it is an art gallery with works by Zurbarán or Sorolla.

Shopping and walking on Calle Larios

Larios Street

If after so much history and museums you want something more dynamic, you have to visit Calle Larios. It is one of those pedestrian streets in cities that become the shopping center, like Madrid's Gran Vía. This is a pedestrian street full of shops where you can stroll and go shopping. Another thing to do on this street is to try the ice creams in centuries-old ice cream parlors with great tradition.

Get lost in the old town

Atarazana Market

In the historic center is where we can find some really interesting things about the city, especially authentic spaces. The Atarazanas Market It is one of these special places, an old market in a beautiful building where we can also see what the typical products are and taste some of the delicacies that are sold in the traditional stalls. The ideal place for lovers of gastronomy.

Go to the beach


What you should never miss when visiting Malaga are beach days. Go to Malagueta beach It is typical, but we can also visit Pedregalejo beach to try some delicious sardines made outdoors.

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