What to see in Venice in 2 days

What to see in Venice in 2 days

When we travel through Italy the ideal is to have plenty of time, because all the Italian cities or towns are wonderful. But it's not always possible.

It usually happens that you have to organize your travel time and sometimes you have no choice but to dedicate a couple of days to each destination. Therefore, here we leave you what to see in Venice in 2 days.


Basilica Santa Maria, in Venice

It is a city in the northeast of the country, whose historic center is Heritage. The city rests on a group of islands on the Venice lagoon, north of the Adriatic Sea, and is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist centers in Italy.

While it is true that 48 hours is not enough for this great city, you can always make some adjustments and select only the best or best known, leaving other issues in the pipeline for the next trip.

There are many things that are true about Venice: it is very beautiful and it is very touristy. That is to say, there are many, many people and that harms the cleanliness of the streets and canals, although it does not take away from their beauty.

Day 1 in Venice

San Marco Square in Venice

To see a lot you have to get up early, have breakfast and be ready to start the first day with lots of energy.

This Day 1 in Venice It will focus on getting to know these sites: St. Mark's Basilica and the square of the same name, the Duke's Palace, the Bell Tower, the Grand Canal, the Riva degli Schiavoni, the Bridge of Sighs and the Royal Garden.

Area Saint Mark It is a must see. It is a busy and super touristy district, easily accessible, central, ideal for moving around the city since the treasures of Venice are concentrated here.

San Marco Square

Therefore, if you can choose to choose accommodation here, much better. Everything is at hand. The attractions that I listed for the first day are precisely here and make up the best tour to delve into the history of the city.

San Marco Square

La San Marco Square It is the most important square in the city, where the basilica and the bell tower are located. It is the classic Venetian postcard, with the restaurants and cafes under the old arcades. You will also see the Clock tower, the clock tower, from the 15th century.

Basilica San Marco

La Basilica of san marco It is from the 9th century, although it has had modifications over time. The mosaics inside, for example, are treasures from the Crusades, and the altar called Pala d'Oro It is a Byzantine altar covered in gold with almost two thousand precious stones. The church opens at 9:30 am, but on Sundays it opens at 2 pm.

Then you can know the Duke's Palace, built in an elegant Venetian Gothic style. Today it is a museum and as part of the guided tour you will cross the famous Bridge of Sighs. Admission costs 25 euros and is open every day from 9 am to 6 pm.

Duke's Palace, Venice

After an Italian lunch you can go up to the Bell tower. It has an elevator, so you can choose not to use the stairs. The entrance costs 10 euros, but If there is bad weather it is closed.

El Great channel meanders through the city and you can take the vaporetto and go around. In fact, there are several ways to wander through this and the other channels. You can sign up for a tour or do it on your own, on foot and not by boat.

In the case of the vaporetto it is a passenger boat that comes and goes along the Grand Canal even reaching Lido, Murano and Burano, the other islands of the lagoon. It is the cheapest way to travel the canal and you can do the entire route, the whole thing, which is more fun. The 24-hour ticket costs 21 euros.

Vaporetto in Venice

You can also walk from Piazza San Marco to the Rialto bridge over the canal. That beauty! This bridge was first built in 1173, but rebuilt many times. This version is from XVI century and it is the bridge that crosses the oldest canal in the city. It is a pedestrian bridge with many shops.

On the other side of the bridge is the San Polo neighborhood, which is not usually so crowded, in case you want to take a quieter walk. Another way to pass the time is to explore the canals on a boat. There are tours that offer this tour with some extra, such as climb the bell tower of the Church of San Gioirge Maggiore.

The popular and expensive gondola ride It's something that a lot of people do. One of the most popular stops to hire a gondola is on the Grand Canal, next to the Rialto Bridge. If there are many people you can rent a gondola on a smaller canal.

Gondola in Venice

The rate is 80 euros for 40 minutes, and 100 after 7 pm, but this rate is set by the city government and the truth is that you always have to negotiate with the city government. gondolieri. And if you want me to sing, you pay extra.

The beautiful boardwalk that runs along the lagoon is the Riva degli Schiavoni and if you follow him you will pass by the Danieli Hotel and you will have more and more beautiful views of the Canal.

Before the day ends you can pay a visit to two more attractions: the Peggy Gugghenheim Collection and Fenice Theater. The modern art museum is in the Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, an elegant 18th-century palace with works by Dalí, Picasso or Kandinsky, For example.

What to see 2 days in Venice

The Teatro La Fenice is the opera house, historic and famous throughout the world. It was destroyed many times by fire, the most recent destruction was in 1996, but since 2003, when it was reopened, it has been lucky.

And at night, dinner. You can have dinner early and then get lost in the streets and bridges of the city, to take the best photos, snacks in between.

Day 2 in Venice

Burano Island

The truth is that Venice is a lagoon, or rather a city built on islands above the waters. Thus, there are several islands and on the second day you can choose to visit the most popular ones.

I speak of Murano and Burano. There are many tours that offer this excursion and I think it is worth it. They are famous for their crafts, Murano crystals, but beyond that you will enjoy the boat ride, the picturesque streets, the people...

At noon you can be back. If you want to enjoy the channel more, you can go to the Ponte dell'Accademia, old, wooden, perhaps not the most beautiful but still striking.

Ponte dell' Accademia, in Venice

You can see from here the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute, four centuries old and a well-known postcard of Venice. If you like shopping and want to visit a charming place, visit the Merchant of Venice a old apothecary who today is dedicated to selling perfumes.

Another well-known store is Libreria Acqua Alta. Beautiful site. And of course, if you are a traveler who enjoys doing "classics", well in addition to the gondola ride you should sit in Piazza San Marco and drink a coffee at Café Florian.

Finally, some More tips about Venice:

  • October is a good month to visit. Sometimes it rains but it is still warm and the days are very pleasant.
  • Don't buy souvenirs in Piazza San Marco. They are very touristy and are expensive.
  • Be careful with thefts, they are common.
  • In Venice you can walk everywhere. The city is compact and its main attractions are close to each other.
  • With only two days in Venice it is best to stay in the San Marco, San Polo or Dorsoduro area.

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