What to see in Australia

One of the most wonderful countries to go on a trip is Australia: It has all kinds of landscapes, it is modern, with nice people, it has many cultural events, a short but interesting history and an immensity to which we are little used.

What to see in Australia? Well, the answer is difficult since the Australian territory is huge and traveling the entire country takes time and money. However, we can talk about what is advisable to visit without forgetting the rest. Let's discover Australia!


It's a island country which was English colony and today it is part of the Commonwealth. It was born as a penal colony when prisons in the UK exploded, and eventually ex-convicts mingled with more immigrants, giving birth to a heterogeneous society.

Australia is divided into seven regions: Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. Surely you know cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Canberra or attractions like the Great Barrier Reef, Ayers Rock, Byron Bay or the Great Ocean Highway.

Let's look at some cities first and then some of the best attractions. Let's start with Sidney, the most popular city. It is the capital of the state of New South Wales, often the gateway to the country. A city cosmopolitan, with restaurants and museums and within a few minutes drive great beaches, such as the popular Bondi Beach, the best for surfing.

Here is a path, the Path Bondi to Coogee: starts at Bondi ocean pools and ends six kilometers later walking along cliffs. Therefore, if you go with good weather, you will get the best photos. Also in Sydney you can take the Circular Quay ferry and after 12 minutes reach the Taronga Zoo. If zoos are not your thing is the Opera House from Sidney, a site that you can visit behind the scenes starting at 7 am.

One experience that I recommend is climbing the Sidney Bridge. There are several possible tours and they are all great. The bridge is 124 meters high and the views are wonderful. You can also walk through the old neighborhood of The Rocks, XNUMXth century, or the area known as Dreamtime Southern X that has Aboriginal heritage and shows the relationship of this people with the land, the coast and the canals.

On weekends The Rocks has a great market. If you like museums in Sydney there is the Australian Museum and Museum of Contemporary Art. The best way to get lost on foot is the suburb of Surrey hills with its shops and its bars. And speaking of bars, if you like wine, Australia produces good wines and from this city there is always the possibility of joining a tour of the Hunter Valley and its 120 wineries.

Melbourne It is another of Australia's best-known cities, home to the popular Australian Tennis Open. It is very hot in summer so it is advisable to go in spring or autumn. There are direct flights to Melbourne and the airport is only half an hour away from the city. Downtown is great with cobbled streets with shops and cafessuch as Flinders Street, Collins Street or Degrave Street. Has true London air ....

There are markets, Reina Victoria Markets, the largest outdoors in the southern hemisphere. There is also the South Melbourne Market and on the weekends emerging local designers gather at the Rose St. Artists Market, which is reached by streetcar.


In Melbourne there are also the Royal Botanic Gardens, Chinatown, St. Kilda Beach just 30 minutes by tram. With a beautiful pier, there walks along the Yarra River and if you want more nature an hour away, going south, you will reach the Mornington Peninsula. The meeting point is the city of Sorrento, from where you can start the Millionaire's Walk, a kilometer and a half trail along the top of the cliffs. The views of Port Philip Bay are wonderful.

Here there are also wineries, more than 50, that specialize in Chardonnay and Pinot Noir so it is a place either to do winery tours or to eat and taste the local flavors. From here, finally a very good option is to be part of the Great Oceanic Route, a coastal route that, I believe, is the best in the world.

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland. To appreciate its beauty you have to climb to the top of the Story Bridge, 80 meters high. Then there are museums, cafes, charming neighborhoods, beautiful city hall buildings, and ferry rides. If you like koalas there is the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, and if you want to move a little over the coast there is the beautiful Moreton Island, one of the largest sand islands in the world.

Here you can get there by ferry from the port, in 90 minutes. There are beaches, birds, lagoons and trails everywhere, and from June to November migrating whales are visible. Amen to the shipwrecks and corals that give their depths great sites of scuba diving.

Perth is the capital of Western Australia, a super sunny state. There are great beaches, the Cottesloe BeachFor example, Leighton or North Beach. The Rottnest Island it is only 18 kilometers from the coast and has 63 beautiful beaches, 20 bays and a lot of tranquility.

And lastly, you can make a swan river cruise and arriving in Fremantle with his convicted past very tangible in prison. On weekends the city has beautiful markets. Of course, Perth, like Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne also offers interesting day trips ...

Speaking in a single article about what to see in Australia is difficult because the country is huge and knowing everything basically requires time and money. The distances are long, the ground transport is not that good, so you have to take planes and that makes the budget more expensive. It does not mean that you cannot cross the country by land, but it is not as easy as getting on a bullet train.

There are other interesting cities, Cairns, Adelaide, Hobart, the Gold Coast with its eternal summer ... That is why I continue to sit down and think carefully about what we want to visit. And to know, yes, that if it is our first trip to Australia there is no other than to leave some destinations off the list.

Finally, thinking about those great attractions that have made this country a tourist destination, I cannot stop mentioning Great Barrier Reef, Ayers Rock, Blue Mountains beautiful wave tasmania island which involves making a ferry crossing.

Grab a map, set a budget and decide destinations. I have no doubt that you will want to return.

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