What to see in Baiona, Galicia


Baiona is a town located in the southern part of Galicia, near the border with Portugal. It belongs to the Metropolitan Area of ​​Vigo, in the province of Pontevedra. It is a very beautiful place for its location, since it is in the famous Rías Baixas, in front of the Cíes Islands and overlooking the Atlantic Sea. That is why it is one of those spaces that we should see sometime if we approach Galicia, which has some beautiful towns in this area.

We will see all points you can see in Baiona and what you can do if you are going to spend a vacation in this place in Galicia. It is undoubtedly a very beautiful and quiet place, where you can discover the beautiful Galician landscapes, its incomparable gastronomy and its history. So discover everything that is hidden in this corner of Galicia.

Tour the Monterreal Fortress

Baiona Parador

When it comes to seeing Baiona, we will discover that what will attract our attention the most in this town is precisely the old Monterreal Fortress. This fort is a building that construction began in the XNUMXth century and was completed in the XNUMXth. Given its location, it is easy to understand that this castle was built at a very important point for the defense of the Rías Baixas from all those who arrived by sea. Peoples such as the Visigoths or the Muslims left their mark on this historic castle that has served as a National Parador since the XNUMXs. Nowadays what we can do if we are not lucky enough to stay in this beautiful parador is to walk around it. There is a beautiful walk from which you can see the sea from various points and you can see the Cíes Islands in the distance. This walk of about two kilometers also passes through several beaches such as Barbeira or Ribeira. If we are in summer, we can always stop to take a good dip.

Visit the replica of the Pinta


Apparently the first news of the incredible Discovery of America reached precisely this small town in Galicia, where The caravel Pinta by Martín Pinzón arrived. That is why today we can see a replica of this ship in town to commemorate such an important event. The ship is a fun excursion, especially for the little ones and in it we can see various replicas to learn about life on it and panels where we can learn about what happened on the ship and what they brought from America.

Taste the gastronomy in its center

As in any other place in Galicia, gastronomy is a very important point. That is why in the center of Baiona we can find some restaurants in which to taste delicious dishes. Above all, seafood and fish dishes are recommended, since in this area of ​​the coast they have a great raw material. On the other hand, we should also try wines, such as Albariño since they are part of its gastronomy.

Visit the Virgin of the Rock

La Virgin of the Rock is a statue that stands in a high place near the center. It is easy to get there and from here we will have incredible views of Baiona, the sea and the nearby Cíes Islands. Without a doubt, it is a worthwhile little excursion, especially on clear days when we can perfectly see the nearby islands.

Go to the Cíes Islands

Cies Islands

The good news is that if you arrive at the villa in season you can enjoy a trip to the beautiful Cíes Islands, a dream place. You will only have to take a boat that will take you directly to them on an interesting trip along the estuary. You can spend the whole day on the island and they even have a campsite, so there are people who spend the weekend or several days there. You should look at the schedules to make sure you take the last boat and it is also important that you take tickets in advance because depending on the time of year they can be sold out. Once in the Cíes Islands you can enjoy its incredible beaches with crystal clear waters or do several of the hiking trails, one of which takes you to the lighthouse with beautiful views of the sea.

The arrival party


In first weekend of March a great party is celebrated in Baiona to which people come from everywhere. It is the Arrival Party in commemoration of the Discovery of America. In this party, people dress up in period costumes and enjoy various stalls in the old part of the town, as well as shows on the beach and various activities. If you are at that time in the town or you can get closer you can enjoy a great atmosphere.

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