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La Bergamo city is located in northern Italy And although it is not one of the most popular in the country in terms of tourism because it has tough competitors like Venice or Rome, the truth is that this city is a great jewel that we should explore sometime. It is in the Lombardy region quite close to Milan, so there is no excuse not to go see it.

La Bergamo city is divided into the Upper Town and the Lower Town, which are connected by a funicular. The Upper City is the one with the old part from medieval times and the Lower City is the most current. We are going to see all those corners that you cannot miss in the Italian city of Bergamo.

Old Town Square

Old Town Square

The Upper Town area is the one it has the old town and therefore it is the area where we will have more things to see and where we will stop more. Piazza Vecchia is the center of the old part of Bergamo, a beautiful medieval square that everyone loves. In it we will also have some monuments to see such as the Palazzo Nuovo or the Palazzo de la Ragione. In the center of this square we can see the Fontana Contarin, an ancient fountain decorated with lions and sphinxes. In the square there is also the Civic Tower, from the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries, an old tower that can be climbed and which has the largest bell in Lombardy. At ten o'clock the clock in the tower rings, remembering that at that time the doors of the old city wall were closed.

Basilica of Santa Maria la Mayor

Basilica of Bergamo

Construction of this basilica began in the XNUMXth century and was not finished until several centuries later. In this basilica there is no entrance on the façade, since its entrances are on the sides, with lions in two of them, that of the red lions and the white lions. The style of the apse of the basilica is Lombard Romanesque and inside we find a totally baroque style with decorative marble, checkered floors, painted domes and many details that will keep us entertained admiring that decoration.

Chapel Colleoni

Chapel in Bergamo

Next to the Basilica of Santa María la Mayor is this beautiful chapel. It stands out for its spectacular entrance in colored marble that makes it catch our attention and that many people think that this is the entrance to the basilica, since it is much more surprising. This is the entrance to the mausoleum of Bartolomeo Colleoni . Inside the chapel there is a gilded statue of him and a marble sarcophagus. In addition, we will be able to see Tiepolo's frescoes.

Bergamo Cathedral

Bergamo Duomo

The Cathedral of Saint Alexander is the Duomo of Bergamo. Construction of this cathedral dedicated to the patron saint of the city began as early as the XNUMXth century. Inside the cathedral we can see ancient works of art with various chapels. It also has another treasure, the tiara of Pope John XXIII. Without a doubt, it is another of the essentials that must be seen in the city of Bergamo in its old area.

Castello of San Vigilio

This castle was the residence of the lords of Bergamo for centuries. It is located on a hill overlooking the Upper City to protect itself against possible attacks. We can stroll through its walled enclosure and also enjoy the views of the city and the surroundings. From this place the towers are also preserved and it is possible to go up on foot or by funicular. It is worth getting there for the incredible panoramic view that it offers us from the heights, since you can even see the Alps.

Via Gombito

If we want to enjoy the old part of the city and take a break from the monuments, we can walk along Via Gombito, the main one in this part of the city. Starts at Shoe Market Square and in it we can buy all kinds of things or enjoy a break in a restaurant.

Palazzo Nuovo and Palazzo della Ragione

New Palace

Like any good Italian city, it cannot be without palazzos. These are located in Piazza Vecchia and are the most important in the city. The Palazzo Nuovo was projected as the future seat of the city council of the city although it finally housed the library and took more than three centuries to complete. The Palazzo della Ragione is the oldest communal palace in Italy and an architectural gem.

Lower Town

We know that the most interesting area is the old part, but once you have seen it you can go through the Lower City, which looks like another city. In it there are some points of interest such as the Piazza Dante or the Donizetti Theater.

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