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Bern is the capital of Switzerland and it is located in the Swiss plateau region. It is a city that is crossed by the Aare river. Formerly it was protected by the meander of the river, so in this area is the oldest part of the city. With the construction of bridges the city began to expand into other areas.

Today we find a interesting city and with an old town that is already a World Heritage Site. This city undoubtedly falls in love with many, with its beautiful squares, its gardens and its old area with a medieval charm that is very well preserved. We are going to know everything you can see in the city of Bern.

Bern cathedral

Bern cathedral

This cathedral is its tallest religious building, with a tower over a hundred meters high. This cathedral has a beautiful Gothic style that can be easily seen in the details of the tower. It began in the XNUMXth century but it would not be finished until the XNUMXth century. On the cover we find a beautiful representation of the Last Judgment. Inside the cathedral we can climb the more than three hundred steps to reach the top of the tower and enjoy the best views of the city of Bern. Without a doubt, this is one of the things that are most worthwhile when we visit the cathedral.

Clock Tower

Clock Tower

La Clock Tower, also known as Zytgloggeturm It is one of the most emblematic monuments in the entire city and a symbol in its old town. The tower has a beautiful astronomical clock from the XNUMXth century although the tower itself is from the XNUMXth century, one of its oldest points. It is easy to recognize this tower located in the old area. Although today it is a highly valued monument, it was even used as a women's prison until the XNUMXth century.

Swiss Federal Palace

Berne Parliament

In this elegant and eye-catching building houses Parliament. It is a building that was completed at the beginning of the XNUMXth century and is located on the Bundesplatz, in the historic center. It stands out for its large copper dome in turquoise tones and it is possible to take guided tours, although they are usually only done on Saturdays, so you have to look at it in advance. From the back you can see the Swiss Alps and the Marzili district. In addition, they have a model of the parliament itself.

Kramgasse Street


This is one of the most interesting streets in the old part of Bern. It has miles of arcades in medieval buildings with reddish roofs that are very well preserved. In the street we can also see several fountains with sculptures. In these arcades we can find doors that lead to shops and bars. Formerly these doors led to basements that served to store merchandise, as a storage area. Today it is a very touristy place where we can find all kinds of shops and entertainment venues.

Rose garden


Rosengarten is another one of the places not to be missed on a visit to Bern. It has hundreds of varieties of roses and also with more flowers, in addition to natural spaces in which to relax. It is located on a hill on an elevated area from which you can see the old part of the city and see part of the meander of the river Aare. In this park there is also a pavilion, a pond and a restaurant. It is the ideal place to spend the afternoon in a relaxed way.



This is the most important museum in the city of Bern. It is an art museum that offers works from the Middle Ages to the contemporary stage. You can see thousands of paintings and sculptures, some by important authors such as Van Gogh, Salvador Dalí, Pollock or Picasso.

Marzili neighborhood

In every city there is a fashionable place, a neighborhood that becomes the place to go to see the best atmosphere and in Bern it is the Marzili neighborhood. East neighborhood is located on the banks of the river Aare, with houses with rear facades that overlook this river, with great views. In this place we can see cafes and shops in addition to the Marzili pools, which makes it one of the most interesting neighborhoods.

Einstein House Museum

Einstein House      In this city we can also visit the Einstein House Museum, located on Kramgasse street, at number 49. During the time that Einstein spent in Bern, he would develop important theories such as relativity. On the second floor you can see how Einstein lived with his wife and son, preserving the period furniture. On the third floor you can see original documents and learn more about his biography.

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