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La town of Calaceite is a quiet place located in the province of Teruel. This town is a space that has a lot of history, as the archaeological remains found in its surroundings have attested. Above all, the remains of the Iberian settlements that settled in this place centuries ago stand out. Today Calaceite is one of those towns where you can enjoy a beautiful getaway.

East small medieval town is located in the Matarraña region and it is considered one of the most beautiful towns in our country. That is why if we pass near this place, it is a great idea to stop for a little getaway to get to know its corners and especially its beautiful historic center.

Plaza of Spain

Calaceite old town

One of the things they like the most when visiting Calaceite is undoubtedly its old town. And within this medieval part we find the central Plaza de España, which is where the town hall of the town is also located. The town hall building dates from the XNUMXth century and in the square we can see some beautiful arcades with ancient arches. This was the meeting place of the people on a daily basis and especially when there was an event, in addition to being the place where the market was held. Nowadays it is a beautiful square where we can discover some beautiful entrance arches and old buildings.

The chapel-portals of Calaceite

In this town it is striking how they have used ancient architectural elements to adapt them to changing needs. In what were ancient portals in the city wall Chapels were built in the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries that attract a lot of attention for having those great arches underneath that were the entrance portals in the wall. They are ancient and unique architectural elements that will undoubtedly catch our attention when we see them. The San Antono and the Virgen del Pilar stand out.

Parish Church of the Assumption

Calaceite Church

This is the main religious building in the city of Calaceite. It was built in the XNUMXth century based on Renaissance models. The incredible façade with baroque elements full of beautiful details stands out on the outside. It is a triple portal with Solomonic columns and with the image of the Virgin. Inside we find a bright space with three naves and two chapels. Another of the points that stand out in this church is the tower, with a part raised in the XNUMXth century and an upper area that is later.

Juan Cabré Museum

This area has many archaeological remains and all of this began to be discovered by the archaeologist of the area, Juan Cabré. Currently we can get closer to your museum to see what these finds were. We can see pieces that go from prehistory to the time of the Visigoths. It is undoubtedly its most important museum and an essential visit

Walk through the streets of the historic center

If there is something you should do when you visit the town of Calaceite, it is to take a little time to stroll quietly through its old medieval-looking cobbled streets. We can find old buildings such as the Casa Moix or the Casa de la Justicia. You also have to walk through streets like Calle Mayor or Calle de San Antonio. It has an irregular medieval layout, so it is perfect to discover corners.

Iberian town of San Antonio

Iberian village

This town is a place that has been very important throughout the centuries, so there are many archaeological remains. Among the most important are the remains of the Iberian settlement, since the Iberians were found in this area centuries ago. The town is located two kilometers from the center of the town, on the San Cristobal hill. In this town there are remains that go from XNUMXth century BC from C. to II a. of C. In the twentieth century The excavation began to rescue these archaeological remains. According to the remains found in this town, it is possible to know that these houses should have two floors, one for housing and the other for storing things. Today you can visit this hill to see the remains of the town.

Gastronomy in Calaceite

This town is a place where gastronomy is of great importance. Here we can buy the oil that is Denomination of origin 'Bajo Aragón', which is of great quality and very famous in the area, since they have been dedicated to the cultivation of olive oil for a long time. On the other hand, it is possible to try typical dishes, such as cassolada, which is rice with pork ribs or coc en pimentó, which is a traditional pizza with pepper and tuna.

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