What to see in Eguisheim, Alsace


Eguisheim is a town and commune located in France in the well-known Alsace region. It is a place that is also known for having a great wine production, but it also stands out for being one of those towns that are among the most beautiful in France because its traditional style is very well preserved. Without a doubt, it is a visit that is ideal for a weekend getaway.

Eguisheim is one of those little Alsace villages which has great charm, because its houses still have the typical half-timbered structure. They stand out especially during the Christmas season, but there is much to see in this part of France located near the border with Germany.

A Little History

Streets of Eguisheim

Eguisheim already began its history by becoming a Roman settlement. Even the Romans began to cultivate vineyards in this very favorable area. But his growth would not come until the eighth century when Count Eberhardt had a castle built in the area. Around this castle the streets around and in the shape of a ring were created, which gives this town such an original formation. It is the same castle that can be visited today, in which Bruno of Eguisheim-Dagsbourg would be born, who would later be Pope Leo IX.

The golden circle


In Eguisheim the best we can do is undoubtedly lose ourselves in those beautiful old streets, imagining how the inhabitants of this town lived for centuries. We will feel in an authentic story, since on both sides of the streets there are beautiful typical half-timbered houses and pretty colors. The golden circle refers to the outermost area of ​​the city, where the most beautiful streets are located. Taking a leisurely walk, taking pictures and enjoying the little details of the houses that are usually decorated with flowers, will be something that we will find charming. Rue du Rempart is one of those streets and it delights us with a beautiful old cobblestone that really seems to be taken out of a story. On the lintels of some windows and doors you can see inscriptions of the old families or of the trades that were carried out in some of those houses. On this street is also the Pigeonnier, a place that offers a division of two streets and that is one of the most photographed spots in Eguisheim.

Place du Chateau Saint Leon

Eguisheim Square

Once we have toured the surroundings of the town with its small streets and its beautiful houses, we have to get to the center. This is the largest and most central square in Eguisheim, a place that we cannot miss. In the center of this square we can see a beautiful fountain with the figure of Saint Leo IX and just behind this fountain we can see the old castle built in the eighth century. Next to the castle there is a small chapel dedicated to Pope Leo, which was built over some old dungeons.

Other squares in this small town of Eguisheim that we should visit are the Place du Marche, at the back of the chapel. It is a small square with a sculpture in the center, but at Christmas they also place a nice market here. Place MGR Stampf is another of the charming squares in this town, with a fountain in its center and cobblestone floor. They are small squares but they are charming for all the details, so we should not miss any corner of this place, since they can all surprise us.

Eguisheim Towers

The remains of these towers are found on the outskirts of the city. Weckmund, Wahlenbourg and Dagsbourg They are the three sandstone constructions in red tones that belonged to the Eguisheim family. In the War of the Óbolos that faced the neighboring populations, the members of this family were burned at the stake and these towers became part of the bishops of Strasbourg.

Church of San Pedro and San Pablo

This is the church most important of the population of Eguisheim. It is an old temple, dating from the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries, which was originally built in the Romanesque style but which currently offers us a Gothic style. Although its exterior is not very interesting, inside we can see a sculpture of the Virgin of Ouvrante from the XNUMXth century.

Eguisheim at Christmas

Christmas market

Although this town is beautiful all year round, the truth is that during Christmas it receives many more visitors. This town along with others like Colmar have some beautiful markets in its squares and streets they dress in all kinds of decoration. Even the houses are decorated so that everything has an incredible Christmas atmosphere. If you like this time of year, you have to visit these towns during Christmas to experience that spirit to the fullest.

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