What to see in Gengenbach, Germany


Although everyone prepares their vacations based on the most popular destinations, the truth is that sometimes we miss real gems that could be beautiful discoveries. In addition, these types of places do not have the massive influx of other more tourist destinations, so they are ideal for those who enjoy alone. This way you can get to know a place and its people better. In this case we talk about Gengenbach in Germany.

Gengenbach is a German city located in southern Germany, near the Black Forest. It is a city that has a beauty typical of the more traditional German cities, hence it has been chosen as a background in films such as 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'.

Why Gengenbach stands out

Gengenbach city

This small German town is a authentic well preserved medieval gem. It is located between Baden-Baden and Freiburg and it is worth visiting because it seems one of those places that we only see illustrated in stories. It has three main streets Hauptstrase, Adlergrasse and Victor Kretz Strase. Small alleys start from these three streets that can only be traveled on foot or by bicycle, which gives it an even calmer aspect. In the XNUMXs its old town was subjected to the historic preservation law, which makes everything look so good. It was once a former Free Imperial City, which meant it had commercial freedom to levy taxes. Nowadays it is a small city but thanks to its charm it has conquered many visitors.

Kinzig Tower or Kinzigtorturm


To visit the old town, you usually leave your car outside, in a parking lot near this tower. The tower was part of the old city wall and today it helps us to access the old town. Its name refers to the Kinzig River, the tributary of the Rhine that passes through the city. It was the highest tower, a place of surveillance and protection for the city against external attacks. It was also the gateway to the city and today it preserves the entrance arch with a drawbridge. Inside the tower you can visit the Museo de Historia Militar de la Guardia Ciudadana. The tower has six floors in which you can see the means of defense of the ancient city. In the tower you can also see a clock, a bell tower and the imperial eagle that recalls the past of the city as a Free Imperial City.

Market Square or Marktplatz

Gengenbach Town Hall

The downtown Market Square in the old town It is the place where the three main streets converge, so it is a place that we are finally going to visit. In its center we find the market fountain, with a stone figure of a knight. This fountain is from the 24th century and is decorated with flowers offering a beautiful picture. In this square, the weekly market continues as in the past and if we are lucky we can coincide with it. On Wednesday and Saturday mornings there is usually a farmer's market where you can buy good local products and also Schnapps, the typical drink. We can also see the town hall or Rathaus, with a façade in which is the world's largest Advent calendar, since its XNUMX windows represent the countdown to Christmas.

Löwenberg Palace

In the same Market Square is this palace, which is a Renaissance-style house where public taxes were collected. Today is the Löwenberg House Museum, where you can see what the old patrician house of the XNUMXth century of the Bender dynasty looked like. You will be able to see what the dance hall and the different rooms were like. In addition, during the year they carry out different exhibitions, such as Andy Warhol, circuses or carousel horses. There is something for everyone.

Niggel Tower

Niggel Tower

This tower was not part of the city walls but was an independent tower that functioned as a guard and as a prison. Inside this tower we can see today the one that It is known as the Museum of Fools. This museum is related to the Carnival of the city, which is very traditional. In this carnival its people dress in colorful costumes and straw shoes, many of which can be seen in the museum, recreating various characters. The main one is the Tonto or Schalk, who is a funny and mocking character, like a jester. The tower has seven floors where you can see more about this tradition. When you reach the top you can go outside through a door and thus have excellent views of the city from above.

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