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This municipality stands on the shore of Lake Hallstatt, in Austria. This trip is undoubtedly an almost dreamlike place, like one of those mountain villages that seem trapped in a tale. Its beautiful old streets have shops and restaurants and there is a funicular that takes you to the salt mines.

The mountain landscapes are undoubtedly the strong point of this population overlooking the lake. We are going to see everything that can be done in this Austrian town located in the Salzkammergut region. Not for nothing is it considered one of the most beautiful towns in all of Austria.

How to arrive

The small Austrian town of Hallstatt is fashionable and that is why we can already reach it in various ways, because in high season it is also quite crowded, something that is more noticeable being a small town as it is. Ideally, travel from Salzburg, where we can find public transport to get to the town. It is much easier to rent a car and drive directly to this town. When we get to it, we find that there are two paid parking lots near the town that tend to fill up in high season and another further away where there is usually room but it involves a walk to the town. Many people choose to take risks and park on the side of the road although it is not recommended. On the other hand, it is possible to go by public transport although it is somewhat difficult and takes much longer. You have to take a bus to Bad Ischl and in this town you can catch a train to Hallstatt and there cross by boat to the town. The trip lasts about three hours and the change of transport can be difficult so the rental car is recommended.


Hallstatt Square

This is the most central location in the town of Hallstatt. When it comes to seeing the town, we will probably end up in it a couple of times, since it is its main square. It is a perfect place to take pictures as it has charming houses that surround it, with a classic style. In addition, in its center there is a stone fountain and nearby we can see the Lutheran church with its high tower that can be seen from almost every point of the town. This town is a place that has some important points such as this square and Seestrasse street, which is the most prominent. But otherwise the ideal is to lose aimlessly through its streets where we can discover beautiful corners that make this place something very special.

Lookouts in Hallstatt

Hallstatt Lookouts

In addition to seeing its streets and houses carefully, another thing to do in Hallstatt is undoubtedly look for its famous viewpoints from which we will have the best views of the mountains and also the population. The resulting photographs will be postcard, as they are intended to show the best perspectives of this mountain town. One of them is the Skywalk, a walkway that offers views of the town but also the best views of the surrounding mountains. Undoubtedly one of the most spectacular visits in the town. To go up normally, you have to take a funicular that takes us to the footbridge.

Another of his Miradores is the Postal view point. With this name we can imagine that it is from here that the best photographs of the town are taken, almost as if they were postcards. The town can be seen together with the lake and the mountains in a staging that is unforgettable. You can also go up to the balcony of the Pfarrkirche Maria Himmelfahrt church which has a nice balcony that has beautiful views from the top of the village and towards the lake.

Hallstatt Cemetery

Precisely in the church that we have mentioned we also find something that is of interest to visitors. Us We refer to the careful cemetery of the town. It offers a beautiful and relaxing picture with the mountains in the background.

Visit the Salt Mines

Funicular in Hallstatt

Si we went up to the highest viewpoint on the funicular, Another thing we can do is visit one of the oldest salt mines in the world. The visit is fully guided and tourists enter the mountain. Clothing is provided to put on top of what is worn. Of course, you have to take into account that you have to pay another entrance fee that can be combined with the funicular and that the visit is guided and quite long, about two hours. Apparently it is one of the visits that are worth it but you have to calculate the time well in case we only spend a day in the town and we want to see everything.

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