What to see in Mycenae

Gate of the lions

Mycenae is an archaeological site located in Greece, a few kilometers from Athens and is undoubtedly one of the most important sites in the world, because it brings us the remains of a very ancient civilization. This site is just over a hundred kilometers from the city of Athens, but it is one of the essential visits if we are interested in history and everything it can tell us.

Let's see what are the points of interest in this ancient city of Mycenae that was so important between the years 1350 and 1250 a. of C. A civilization that like all the others was falling in importance for different reasons until the city was finally abandoned. But today many vestiges of what it was that indicate its great importance are preserved.

History of Mycenae

Gate of the Lions

The history of this city is very old, since although its period of glory was in the aforementioned years, there are vestiges of settlements as early as 3000 BC. of C. As we say, from 1300 BC of C. there are remains that indicate that this was its period of splendor, with tombs and the palace. It was believed that this city was the main one and that it controlled other territories, which is why they spoke of the Mycenaean period, but the truth is that today they are not sure if the other territories were independent of this and occurred at the same time. Although it is true that the importance of this city echoed until centuries later. In the classical period it was inhabited again until it was attacked by the troops of Argos and it was finally inhabited in the Hellenistic period but it is known that already in the second century the city was in ruins. Although its existence was known for centuries, it was not until the XNUMXth century that work began to recover the city and learn more about its history.

Useful information

Seeing the Mycenae site is easy. The most recommendable thing due to the slowness of the public transport is without a doubt to rent a car. Since Athens we can be in an hour and a half in Mycenae. Another possibility is to take a bus or buy a guided tour that includes transportation. This last idea is very comfortable, but it all depends on whether we want to have everything already planned in advance or a freer vacation. As for accommodation, it is not very abundant in the surroundings of Mycenae. The most notable is usually in the city of Nauplia.

The city of Mycenae is located in a small hill at the foot of some mountains. The visit can last several hours if we want to see everything in peace. In addition, we can see different points with the entrance such as the Treasury, the entire citadel and the museum. There are some days when access is free so we can check it in advance.

Treasury of Atreo

The Treasury of Atreus is located about 500 meters from the citadel and it is a large tomb thought to have belonged to important figures from the city's golden period. Although it is known as the Tomb of Agamemnon because at first it was believed that it was indeed his tomb, it was later learned that it is an older place, but it continued to keep the name informally. It is excavated on the hill, so it attracts attention with its entrance and also because of its large dimensions, with a large lintel, large stones and a large interior dome. The decoration found in the tomb was transferred to the British Museum.

The Citadel

Mycenae Citadel

This is the central part of the site, in where was the boundary of the ancient acropolis of Mycenae. The tour is made up of posters in the main areas with explanations to know each corner. It was a city surrounded by walls and in which we can see such important points as the well-known Puerta de los Leones. This gate is one of the highlights of Mycenae that has become a symbol of the site. It was the main entrance to the city and was built in 1250 BC. of C. This is the only monumental piece that is still standing in the city of Mycenae, hence its great importance. This is one of the parts that we will first see that you also have to cross to see the citadel.

Passing the door we find one of the parts where ancient tombs were found. This necropolis was reserved for royalty, so it stands out for its importance. I know found a funeral mask, important grave goods and skeletons. Much of what was found here was taken to the National Archaeological Museum of Athens for conservation. In the citadel we can also see the challenges of a temple, a cistern and the palace.

Archaeological museum of Mycenae

Mycenae Museum

In the final part of the visit invite us to see the archaeological museum. In its three rooms you can see all kinds of objects found in the citadel. From vessels to jewelry, funeral masks or figures. It is another essential visit to get to know a little better the day-to-day life in the city of Mycenae.

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