What to see in New York in 7 days

7 days in New York

It may be that 7 days in New York They are not really enough to seriously get to know this great city, but it is a very good start.

The truth is that there are so many things to do that it is advisable to write a list, get organized and follow a plan, so as not to miss the most important thing according to our interests.

Day 1 in New York

9/11 Memorial, in NY

In 2001, the world was shocked by the news seen on television: the Twin Towers, icons of New York, were hit by two airliners and a new era began.

You can today visit the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. The twin fountains that represent the traces of the two towers and the largest artificial waterfall in North America, with the inscriptions of the thousands of victims of the terrorist attacks of 2001 but also of the previous attack, that of 1993.

New York

You can also visit the Word Trade Center observatory, one of the best to contemplate the city, being the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere with its Meters 541. It is where the World Trade Center used to be before the 2002 attack and you must buy tickets beforehand.

Oculus New York

Oculus is the name of the word trade center transportation hub and a shopping center at the same time. Its design is wonderful, wonderful, it will surprise you a lot. On the other hand, obviously, you can't miss Wall Street, the most popular street of all.

Here the photo with the bull or Charging Bull is obligatory, and the same is the case outside the Stock exchange from the city. Not far away is the Trinity Church, Gothic style.

Wall Street, NY

If it's not too cold you can always drink the ferry to State Island. It connects Manhattan with this island in a trip of about an hour round trip and the views of the city are wonderful. The ferry is free.

These activities will easily take you a whole day.

Day 2 in New York

Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty, in 7 days in New York

You are going to spend this day getting to know the Ellis Island, Lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. The island and the statue are symbols of the country.

The statue was donated by France in the 19th century and is World Heritage according to UNESCO. The ferries to the statue leave from Battery Park, the first of them leaves at 8:30 am, and it is best to take this one arriving early, as there are always a lot of people.

Visit the Statue of Liberty

Tours to the Statue of Liberty are the order of the day. People often visit the pedestal and only if you opt for the option to climb the crown will you be able to do so. Afterwards the group always goes to Ellis Island before returning to Manhattan. calculates a total of four hours and you should always reserve.

There are cheaper options without going down to see the statue, just doing a one hour cruise around the surroundings, enjoying the views.

Chinatown in NY

Now, if you did this in the morning it will already be noon by the time you finish and that means lunch time. Although the city is known for its great culinary offering, there are two unmissable neighborhoods in this way: Chinatown and Little Italy.

You can spend the afternoon walking through these very particular neighborhoods.

Day 3 in New York

MET, museum in NY

And the day of the museums arrived. He MET It is a good starting point, always so fashionable. He Metropolitan Art Museum It is among the most famous in the world and you will see from ancient Egyptian art to contemporary art. It's huge so if you like it you'll spend the entire day inside.

Therefore, it is best to take the map that you have available at the entrance and look only for what you are most interested in seeing. This museum usually opens between 10 am and 5 pm and admission is around $25. The MET is followed by MomA, the Museum of Modern Art.


It is the place to see works of Picasso, Gauguin, Matsse or Warhol, Dali or Pollock. It opens from 10:30 to 5:30pm and the same, if you decide on it it is always a good idea to buy tickets in advance.

It is followed by Guggenheim, Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and open since 1959, one of the most interesting museums in New York, with exhibits that change all the time. This site is open from 11am to 6pm, Thursday to Monday.

Guggenheim Museum, New York

I don't know if you can do three museums in a single day, but if you have to choose one, it is best to choose from these three the one that contains the most things that you like. Then you can head towards the popular Central Park to take photos, walk or eat something.

Be sure to stop by the John Lennon memorial, Strawberry Fields, the terrace and fountain Bethesda, Belvedere Castle and the lake with Gapstow Bridge. With good weather you can Rent a bike or ride in one of the horse-drawn carriages.

Central Park

La St. Patrick's Cathedral It is also a well-known site in New York City. It is at the southern end of the park and is Gothic in style. It dates back to 1878 and is very beautiful.

El Rockefeller Center It is another tourist magnet. It is close to the cathedral and is an elegant Art Deco style building, famous for Every Christmas they set up that huge Christmas tree and the ice skating rink below. It is, in turn, connected to the Top of the Rock, a skyscraper from the '30s with beautiful views of Manhattan.

Grand Central Station, NY

La Grand Central Terminal It is another destination that cinema and TV have made super popular. The elegant building is 1913 and there are shops and restaurants to visit.

Times Square It's easy to find, it's free and you can't miss it on your first visit to the city. You can end the day here, as the photos at night are more striking.

Day 4 in New York

NY Public Library

You can start with a walk through a less touristy park than Central Park, the Bryant Park. It is close to the Public Library of New York, on Fifth Avenue, an elegant building that also often appears in the movies. There is free visits Monday to Saturday at 11 am and 2 pm.

Empire State Building

El Empire State Building with its observation platform is a must. Building is from 1931 and at the time it was the tallest in the world. You must reserve and dedicate about 90 minutes to the visit. For his part, the Flatiron Building It is at the end of Madison Square, is shaped like a plank and dates back to 1902.

It is curious and striking, with its 87 meters high. If you choose to walk through the Highline You'll see it on your way there. The High Line is great, it is a old railway viaduct abandoned in the '80s that reopened in 2009, absolutely remodeled.

Highline in NY

The path crosses Midtown Manhattan from Chelsea Market to Greenwich. Greenwich Village is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in New York, Sex and the City, for example. The Washington Square Park It's another lovely place to explore and is close to Greenwich Village.

New York 3

Finally, as evening arrives, you can decide to spend it watching some show on broadway, there are 41 theaters here, or do it in the Metropolitan Opera House, more sophisticated, at Lincoln Center.

Day 5 in New York

Brooklyn Bridge

We've already spent more than half of our week in New York and it's Brooklyn's turn. The famous Brooklyn bridge connects lower Manhattan with Brooklyn over the East River. Date of 1883 and it was the first suspension bridge in the entire world.

It can cross on foot or by bike and the reward is your views. You walk through Brooklyn Bridge Park to reach Brooklyn Heights, NY's first suburb, with Victorian style and old churches. There is a beautiful boardwalk with great views of lower Manhattan.

To wander a little you can meet DUMBO, Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass, a great place to photograph, street art in Bushwick, with murals and galleries everywhere or the Williamsburg Bridge, opened in 1903 to connect Brooklyn with Manhattan, pink.

Day 6 in New York

Harlem, NY neighborhood

Does it sound familiar to you Harlem? If you are around 50 years old or less, you probably knew Harlem from the TV series that painted it as a African American community neighborhood very dangerous.

But things have changed and today it is a more tourist destination, popular to go to. listen to gospel or good jazz, for example.

The truth is that if you are curious you can spend the day in Harlem, also visiting Columbia University or the Apollo Theater.

Day 7 in New York


This day you can take advantage of it to do any of the Most popular day trips from New York. Is Philadelphia, just 90 minutes by train, especially if you are Rocky movie fan.

You can also go to see the Niagara Falls, although it is a little plane trip.

However you are going to spend your seven days in New York There are some tips to keep in mind: buy and use the New York Pass. It generally comes with the Metro Card that allows you to use the public transportation system. Of course, when purchasing it you must choose the number of attractions it will include and remember to book each one separately.

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