What to see in Oslo in summer

What to see in Oslo in summer

We may think that Northern Europe is a cold land, even in the summer season, but it is not like that. Many say that summer here is true paradise.

Could it be that climate change is turning the world's summers into scaffolds? If so, summer in these frozen latitudes can be heavenly. Today, what to see in Oslo in summer.

Oslo in summer, what to see


The truth is that the city experiences very clear nights during these months, and that is From June to August the sun is in the sky from 3 a.m. to midnight.

If you add to this that the capital of Norway is a small cityEven if you have little time you can enjoy it a lot.

Our list of what to see in Oslo in summer starts with a hike through the streets of the city. You can start at Groland and walk along the side of the Aker River, because you will pass by interesting places like the Gastronomic HallThe shops are not very cheap, but the building is beautiful.


A half hour later you arrive at the Mollesfossen waterfall. To be outdoors in a beautiful garden you can walk through the Birkelunden or Sofienbergparken parks. You will see many local people having picnics.

Another green lung is Toyen Botanical Garden, with many species of plants. Going down Toyengata you return to Gronland, your starting point. Here you can find cheap places to eat, there are many Indian and Arabic restaurants and stalls.

Oslo Opera House

La Opera House, with its white tiles, welcomes you with open arms because you can visit the foyer for free and even take advantage of the bathrooms. Every day There are guided tours in English at 1 pm, and on Sundays at 2 pm. The view of the Oslo Fjord is also a beauty and if you walk to the right of the building, along the fjord, you reach the Akershus Fortress.

The fortress tells its own story, It has fantastic views of the harbor and also offers a magical point to get lost in the contemplation of the sunset. It dates back to the 13th century, although it was renovated several times. There are tours and it is open every day. And then you can walk through the area Aker Brygge, touristy and pleasant, in the surroundings of the port.


This area is not cheap at all, so the prices are super inflated. Careful with that. Just walk a little and look, if your budget is not to be broken. You then continue towards the Town hall and to the Royal Castle. If you return from the castle walking along the street that goes to the train station you will pass by the parliament building.

Oslo Royal Castle

El Royal Castle It is a neoclassical style building from the 19th century. In summer is when it opens to the public. The guided tours are between June and mid-August and you can buy tickets starting in March.

You don't have to like sculpture to know the next place: the Vigelandsparken Sculpture Park. It is very popular. It is a large green space located to the west of the city that contains 212 bronze and granite statues. Here there is a 14 meter high monolith composed of 121 human figures, and admission is free.

Statue park in Oslo

In in the summer in Oslo Walking is not going to make you melt so you can wander around in peace, for example, at the markets. Whether you buy or don't buy, they are always curious places. Saturdays are in gronland market, between 9 am and 6 pm, on Sundays there is Birkelunden market (antiques and second-hand), between 12 and 29 pm, and also Blah's, crafts and second-hand objects.

What to see in Oslo in summer

Another option is to make a boat ride on the fjord islands. The boats are part of public transportation so if you have the pass they are convenient for you. A popular destination is Bygdoy, with its many museums and its green landscapes and even sea beaches.

Speaking of beaches, There are many beaches around the Norwegian capital. A very good one for swimming and sunbathing is in Frysja. You can get there by bus, number 54, from Jernbanetorget to Stillatorvet. It is a river beach, but it is beautiful.

Kayaking in Oslo

You can also kayaking, with guides, and even rent a traditional viking boat next to the Opera House for a walk around the fjord. And if you have a little more money Cruise they are always available

Another activity is hiking, do you like it? There are many options. One is to take the metro 6 and get off at Sognsvann to walk around the lake or even reach Ullesvalseter and beyond, to Frognerseteren. The views are the best reward, obviously.

trekking in Oslo

Of course, a sauna bath It is not denied to anyone. One morning or afternoon you can enjoy the experience of the floating saunas. There are several, in Langkaia and Aker Brygge, for example, there are those managed by KOK. There are shared and private ones: they are Sauna boats with great views of the city.

Two hours of sauna, capacity up to 10 people. You go out, you come in, you jump into the water, you swim and then into the warm sauna. If you pay for the private service you have access to a hot shower and music. The changing rooms are shared and bringing your own bathing suit and towel is mandatory.

sauna in Oslo

Finally, which museums are on our list of what to see in Oslo in the summer? The Viking Ship MuseumObviously, it is the first, but it is closed until 2026 for repairs. He is followed by Folk Museum, outdoors, ideal to learn more about the history of the country, the Kon-tiki Museum, about the little boat that crossed the Atlantic, the New National Museum and if you like skiing, then the Holmenkollen Ski Museum.

Viking Ship Museum, Oslo

The best tool to get to know Oslo is the Oslo Pass. It gives you access to 30 museums and attractions as well as public transportation (tram, subway, bus and ferry), as well as discounts on attractions, restaurants, shops and more.

The Oslo Pass 2024 prices They are: per adult, the 24-hour one costs NOK 520, the 48 for NOK 760 and the 72 for NOK 895.

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