What to see in Portocolom

En Majorca there is a town with the name of Portocolom, an old fishing village, very touristy, which rests on a beautiful bay and is a great travel destination. We will pass the winter, we will pass the pandemic and destinations like these will be there to welcome us.

Today, in Actualidad Viajes, what to see in Portocolom.

Porto Colom

Port of the doveThat would be the name that derives from Latin and of course the one that the Romans would have given it when they arrived in the area and appreciated the number of pigeons that there were and still exist today. Another version says that it is named after Christopher Columbus, because it is his birthplace.

The commercial port was developed in the Middle AgesBut there were a lot of pirates so a stable population was a long time coming. Already in the nineteenth century the town began to grow with urban projects, although to speak strictly of the tourism this one would arrive in the years' 60.

From the hand of tourists came this smokeless industry and today much of the population works in this sector. Portocolom it is 12 kilometers north of Cala d'Or So if you want to continue enjoying the sun, beaches and sea, this is a very good destination.

What to see in Portcolom

Our journey must start in the oldest area, known as Es Riuetó, with the heart in the Sant Jaume Square. Around this square is the Mother of God Church, late nineteenth century and neo-Gothic style. The square is also the meeting place so there is a great place to drink something, Sa Covta dets Ases, with a beautiful terrace from where you can see the narrow streets that start from the square.

Then yes, you have to go for a walk and take photos, stop to appreciate the buildings, the corners, the corners. There are houses with colorful shutters, bougainvillea, and narrow sidewalks. You will see the odd bike waiting for its owner and at each turn you will surely run into the sea. Many houses have their boats moored directly in the port, so you will not miss the photo of the typical boats, the llaüts.

After the old area you have to go out to stroll along the bay, no hurries. In addition to the traditional boats there are catamarans and yachts in the Leisure port, sports port, tiny but always busy, especially in summer. There are also the restaurants to enjoy Mediterranean cuisine and daily fishing.

There are several options: HPC restaurant with their paellas, fish, shellfish and salads that the least they are is simple. All served at elegant tables on a much sought after terrace. Sa Llotja is another possible restaurant, with a more modern vibe, whose cuisine also focuses on fish. Another option is Colón.

A little apart from the port area are the shops, both souvenirs and fashion, so you can shopping before or after eating. But what else is there to do in this quaint little town?

Near Felanitx is the Sanctuary of Sant Salvador. There is a very beautiful road, which winds up the mountain to the top of the Puig Sant Salvador that is highest peak of the place. Above is a huge stone cross and a statue of Jesus. It is a pilgrimage destination and although nowadays monks no longer live here, the place offers accommodation to those who come to visit.

The area is also popular for its caves, among the best attractions in Mallorca. There are a couple of caves that can be explored by boat or on foot, Ham's Cave and Drac's Cave, and if you like diving you can get to underwater caves that are on the coast.

In Portocolom everything revolves around the sea so there are many water activities. If you go early there is a sailing school, the Escola Naùtica s'Algar, you can also enjoy its beaches, go on boat rides or directly contemplate the sea and sunbathe from the beach. All over the bay have been built pontoons, not very big, but that help the formation of small beaches here and there.

The best beaches are further away. For example, at 10 minutes is the Cala Marsal, the most popular of all. Its transparent waters are turquoise and you can see them very well from its viewpoint. Parasols and hammocks are rented and luckily there is a beach bar to kill hunger.

Cala Brafi It is hidden at the end of a stone path surrounded by bushes. It goes down until it reaches the sandy area, small and almost virgin, special for those who do nudism or naturism. You can also arrive by boat, hired in the bay of Portocolom, in the same agencies where you hire diving excursions or other water sports.

On the other side there are also coves that are not far, bordering the bay beyond the old area is S'Arenal, a very complete beach that even has a shower, and yes, that's where the nice one is Portocolom lighthouse built in 1860, with black and white stripes.

If you like to walk then the advice is to go through the residential area near the Hotel Vistamar and locate a narrow path that begins between two houses. This path ends in an exceptional viewpoint as it is a natural cave with an arch product of the joint erosion of the sea and the wind.

If you like golf there is the Vall d'Or Golf, on the way to S'Horta, and if you just want to eat in a nice restaurant surrounded by golf courses, it works to the max. Near Portocolom is Pla and Llevant, an interesting area winegrower that can be traversed. Remember that Mallorca is a paradise with 70 wineries that mostly make wines with native grapes. Some of these wines have won international awards, so you can add tastings and a few purchases.

As it is a tourist destination, in summer, there is usually cultural and sporting events. In reality, they occur throughout the year but especially in summer. For example, there is a triathlon well known in the month of April, in June there is a gastronomic festival and also in June there is a rock festival.

Portocolom is small so it also invites you to go out in the surroundings. Campos, for example, is a good day trip, the same Cala d'Or, Cala Murada or the city of Felanitx itself.

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