What to see in Sardinia

One of the top destinations in Italy is Sardinia, a charming island in the Mediterranean Sea, which year after year attracts many people who come to enjoy its charms. It is a mountainous island, without earthquakes, with dense forests, raging winds and a very rich history.

Winter is ending and one only thinks about the heat of the sun, the beaches and the summer nights, so let's talk about what to see in Sardinia.


Es one of the largest islands in Italy, to the south is Corsica, under the French flag, and from Rome you can get there by ferry directly in just three hours. From Nice the trip is a little longer, seven hours, but of course you can always get to Sardinia By plane.

Sardinia has almost two thousand kilometers of coastline, a clean blue sea and world renowned beaches. You just have to name the Berchida beach or the beaches of the provinces of Oristano and Ogliastra, the Costa Smeralda or Alghero.

In sardinia there are three airports: Caglieri to the south, Olbia-Costa Smeralda Airport and Alghero Airport. There are direct flights from England, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland… and as I said, there is also the ferry.

Sardinia tourism

We can add some elements in our holidays in Sardinia: ancient history, exquisite beaches, mountainous landscapes that invite you to go hiking ... We will love a little of everything.

The island is divided into six major regions: center, east, northeast, northwest, west and south. The central Sardinia is your heart, with mountains, forests, rivers and waterfalls. It is a more agricultural area where tasty cheeses are made and chestnuts and hazelnuts are grown. People here are said to live for many years thanks to fresh food and clean air.


It is here in the center where you can know the island culture and each season has its own charms, with historic villas, carnivals in the squares, the Tiscali villages or the fantastic Gorropu Canyon.

The east is a land of beaches, ponds and mountains. These landscapes alternate so we jump from turquoise seas to dizzying cliffs and unattainable, oak forests and golden eagles in the sky. On the east coast of Sardinia has the Cala Liberotto beautiful wave Cala Ginepro with its waters of different shades of blue, the Cala Ziu Martine, Cala Fuili, the Cala Cartoe or the Cala Luna that seems taken from the moon.

There is also the Gorropu Canyon, the 300-meter deep Golgo chasm, the mountain village of Baunei open to the Mediterranean or the mountain trail year after year many enthusiasts follow, the Selvaggio Blu. The most popular destinations are the Arbatax resort with its reddish cliffs, the small coves of Moresca and Porto Frailis and the coves of Santa Maria Navarrese, Bari with its XNUMXth century tower or Cea beach.

More to the northeast is the Costa Smeralda. One only has to say that this coast and its surroundings are a paradise: there is the elegant Porto Cervo, the marina of Santa Teresa Gallura, the Archipelago of La Maddalena, Cala Corsara, the pink beach of Budelli, Cape Testa, the Bay of La Colba and the beaches of Rena Majore and Rena Bianca, the bear-shaped rock of Palau, the Roccia della Tartaruga or the Giuseppe Garibaldi's house.

In the northwest the sea is combined with rocks and a touch of history. We can start with the Castelsardo medieval fortress looking at the sea, for example, and then immerse ourselves in nature and swim a bit in Punta la Capra where the rocks have formed a kind of natural pool.

The beaches of the northwest are beautiful and they are among the most popular on the island. They are some white sand beaches, like the La pelosa beach, the beaches of Porto Palmas, the Bombarde beach or Porto Ferro. Among the recommended destinations are Stintino, Cape Falcone, inland Sassari with the Fontana di Osello or the Piazza d'Italia as symbols, the baratz lake and noraghe of Monte d'Accoddi.

It is also the land of the Coral Coast, cradle of pearls in Sardinia, or the Neptune's Grotto on the promontory of Cabo de Caccia. What a beautiful site! It is an underground saltwater lake with stalagmites and stalactites that open the imagination. You like to walk? You can do it by connecting Alghero with Bosa in an unforgettable tour.

Western Sardinia is popular but it still has a quieter side and well away from noise. Oristano It has Phoenician roots and if you go to carnival you can enjoy the Sa Sartiglia equestrian tournament. The best beaches are in the Peninsula of the Sinis. There is also the small island of Mal di Ventre which together with the Penisola del Sinis and the Scoglio del Catalano form the Marina area of ​​Mal di Ventre.

Cabras is another ideal destination to admire nature: Mount Prama or the Tharros ruins. Inland is the historic village of Santu Lussurgiu and the famous Roman Baths of Fordongianus dating from the XNUMXst century AD Costa Verde it is a little further south with its wide beaches of golden and white sand: Piscinas beach or Playa Masua, just to name a couple.

Finally, the south of Sardinia concentrates on what attracts tourists in summer: the coast and the beaches dreamlike that seem taken from the Caribbean. Around here the most popular beaches are those of Sant'Antioco and San Pietro, in Porto Corallo, and on the opposite coast more tropical alternatives. On the island of San Pietro the most important town is Carloforte, a beautiful and entertaining destination.

In the south there is also Cala Grotta, Caletta, Iglesias and its medieval festivals, Porto Pino with its pines and oaks and crystal clear waters, Cala Cipolla, Cabo Spartivento, Baia Chia, and the unforgettable beaches that go from Cape Teulada to Pula.

The south is where it is Cagliari, the capital of the island, with its historic districts, its tasty gastronomy, shops and art galleries. Caglairi has Poetto beach and the charming Via Roma or the Bastion of Saint Rémy from where watching the sunset is a classic.

As you will see, Sardinia is a charm. If you don't have much time, the best thing is to get to Caglairi and from there schedule the rest of your days with a bit of beaches, a bit of hiking, ancient history and nights of music and tasty local food. You may not be able to travel the entire island but it may be better because it will give you the excuse to return.

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