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Cagliari is the capital of the island of Sardinia, a city where we can see the wonderful Mediterranean essence. A city that already dates back to ancient times and that has seen Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines or Arabs pass by and in which we can find many vestiges of bygone eras. That is why it becomes a city in which history is part of every stone and every corner.

Here at the city ​​we can know different historical neighborhoods and enjoy the remains of the Roman past or its delicious cuisine. It is a coastal city, the largest on the island of Sardinia, and in it we can get lost to enjoy a unique experience.

Saint Remy's Bastion

Saint Remy's Bastion

El Bastion of Saint Remy is one of the best known fortifications in the city. It was built in the XNUMXth century and belongs to the well-known Castello neighborhood. You can go up via Passegiatta Coperta or the elevator in Piazza della Constituzione. When we arrive at this bastion we can have great views of the city, of places such as the port or the Marina neighborhood. In this place there are also terraces to have something cool while we enjoy the views.

The roman amphitheater

El Roman amphitheater is another of the places that we must see in Cagliari. It is one of the vestiges that still remain in the city of the passage of the Romans. Today we can see the area that is excavated in the rock with the steps. In this place some events still take place, so if we are lucky we may coincide with one. The amphitheater dates from the second century AD and had a capacity for thousands of people, being the nucleus of social life during Roman times in the city.

Castle of San Michele

Cagliari castle

This castle in the form of a fortification is in the highest area of ​​the city, so it will offer us good views. It's about a XNUMXth century castle which was built to protect and house the island's nobility. It was created as a fortification due to invasions and pirates, to protect against them. Only the towers and part of the walls remain of the old castle, although we see it completely, it has been restored trying to preserve the same style. Inside the castle there is now an art and culture center.

Elephant tower

This is one old medieval tower which is preserved very well located in the well-known Castello neighborhood. This tower dates from the XNUMXth century and has a small and old door in its lower part that leads us to the main street of the old town, making it a must-see. As we pass through the tower we can look for the sculpture of the elephant that gives it its name.

National archaeological museum of Cagliari

Arqueologic Museum

This is the most important archeology museum on the island and has a large collection. Not in vain did different civilizations parade around the island. You will be able to see pieces that go from prehistory to other times such as the Byzantine. If you like history and the details of archeology, it is without a doubt a place you have to go.

The port and the Marina neighborhood

If you want a place full of life, you have to go through the port and the Marina neighborhood, a place where we will find shops and restaurants. The neighborhood is on the old Roman road and near the port of Cagliari. It is a place where we can also see piazza Yenne and the town hall. The Via G Manno street is the one with the largest number of shops, a really entertaining place for those who want to enjoy shopping.

San Pancracio Tower

San Pancracio Tower

This tower was created in the fourteenth century and it is one of the most important in the city. It is one of the highest points at 130 meters and from it you can have wonderful views of Cagliari from above. It was a defensive tower against the Arabs and Genoese that has had great historical importance. In addition, years later it was used as a prison, although it was closed due to the large number of escapes. To enter it and be able to go up to see the city, you have to pay a very affordable price, so it is a worthwhile visit.

Viceregio Square and Palace

This is one of the most important squares of the city, created in the fourteenth century. Centuries later, the square was decorated with Sardinian mythological motifs, making it a favorite with tourists. In it we can also see the Viceregio Palace, another of the points of interest in the city of Cagliari.

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