What to visit in Virginia?

Let's see some of the tourist attractions that the state of Virginia currently.

Currently Virginia is home to more than seven and a half million citizens, being precisely the area of Virginia Beach the place where we can find the greatest demographic popularity. Apart from that, it is home to various points of national interest related to security, let us note that you can find the famous Pentagon of the Department of Defense as well as military bases; although other places open to the public also stand out, such as the Colonial Williamsburg Living Museum, or Jamestown and Yorktown, places where important fights were fought in the history of the United States.

Within Virginia we can find several points of cultural interestThis is how places such as the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the Foundation for the Humanities, the Chrysler Museum of Art, the Museum of the Navy or the Museum of Sciences stand out. There are also festivities such as the Neptune Festival, held at the end of September on the coast or the State Fair of the state.

While you want to know the more natural side of Virginia It is necessary to highlight the fact that approximately 65% ​​of this state is covered by forests and mountainous regions, being a good alternative for travelers who seek to disconnect from the urban environment and enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature in one of its many houses rural and charming hotels that the state offers. It is common to find pines, oaks, walnut, mountain laurel and several other species of trees, as well as shrubs of all kinds. As for animals, you can find deer, foxes, marmots, rabbits, lynxes and even bears, but of course, the latter are in protected areas where the public could not have greater access.

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