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Madrid is a city full of life, full of activities to do and places to get lost throughout the year. Each season has its appeal according to the plans we want to make during our stay in the city. If you plan to make a getaway to the capital of Spain but have not yet decided the time of year, in the next post we will help you clear your doubts.


Spring in Madrid is lived in a special way. The lethargy of winter gives way to the flowering of nature in the parks and gardens of the city. The days are getting a little longer and the sun shines brighter although the temperatures are somewhat unstable. As soon as it rains and temperatures drop as it rises and it is unusually hot for the months of March to May.

However, by taking a look at the weather forecast before a trip to Madrid and preparing your suitcase for any unforeseen event, we can fully enjoy spring in Madrid.

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During this time of year, tourists and locals from Madrid choose to visit the main parks of the city such as El Retiro or the Quinta de los Molinos park. In the first there are centenary trees that bloom when the heat arrives and it is a very popular place to practice sports, take a family walk or have a picnic in the heart of the city. In the second, every spring we have the opportunity to attend the almond blossom without leaving the capital Madrid, which is a beautiful spectacle that attracts many onlookers.

Spring in the month of May is particularly special since very popular events take place such as the Fiestas del 2 de Mayo, the San Isidro Fair or the Book Fair. The first two celebrations have to do with two events rooted in popular culture such as the uprising against Napoleon and the miracles of the saint of Spanish farmers, closely connected with nature.

Regarding the Book Fair, it is held on the Paseo de Cocheros in the Parque del Buen Retiro to present the latest news as well as the best of literature ever. An unmissable appointment for lovers of reading that offers them the opportunity to interact with their favorite authors.


Summer is the right time to get to know Madrid if you don't like crowds, as many Madrilenians head to the coast or abroad to enjoy their vacations. The weak point of this season is that it is very hot during the day but the nights are perfect to enjoy on the street, sitting on a terrace until the wee hours of the morning and enjoying a drink.

During this season, the Gay Pride festivities take place, the most massive in the capital, in the month of July. On the occasion of this important date, Madrid turns to these festivals that mark the beginning of summer through a great program of cultural and leisure activities in different parts of the city.

Later, the festival known as Los Veranos de la Villa is celebrated, a commitment to bring culture to all audiences and to neighborhoods where traditionally it could not be enjoyed. of this offer because it was concentrated in the center. The program offers cultural activities of all kinds (music, cinema, theater, dance, alternative shows ...) in spaces distributed throughout Madrid to rediscover the urban territory.

Madrid in summer cannot be understood without its traditional festivals, three of which are held in adjoining neighborhoods and consecutively during the month of August. On the 2nd, those of San Cayetano began in Embajadores until the 8th, they continue with that of San Lorenzo from 9 to 11 in Lavapiés and end with the festival of La Paloma, the largest of all, from August 12 to 15 in the Latin.

Chulapos, lemonade, chotis, streets adorned with lanterns and shawls…. The activity programs prepared for these festivals range from games, children's competitions or mus championships to musical performances, tapas routes or religious processions.


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The intense heat of Madrid's summer gives way to autumn, one of the favorite seasons for everyone to visit the city. The temperatures soften and the days get shorter little by little but there is still a lot of life on the street.

Madrilenians love to take advantage of the autumn afternoons to stroll and enjoy the capital's beautiful parks, whose trees are changing the color of the leaves and creating perfect polychromatic landscapes for photography lovers to portray. Many also take the opportunity to practice outdoor sports or have a picnic.

From a cultural point of view, at this time of year the Autumn Festival of the Community of Madrid is celebrated, specifically in the month of November, to have a great time with the best international theater and dance proposals.

During the autumn you can also take advantage of a visit to Madrid to get to know the towns around the big city, such as Aranjuez, El Escorial or Patones de Arriba. The weather is mild even for hiking without suffering from the tremendous summer heat.



Since the end of November, the Christmas spirit has spread through the streets of Madrid to give it a unique and special charm. Madrid can boast of having many parties to brighten up its streets and attract hundreds of people, but none is as endearing as Christmas. That is why many people decide to visit Madrid during this time of year even though the temperatures are cold.

The Christmas lighting is one of the main attractions of Madrid during these holidays along with the Christmas Bus, which runs through the streets of the city to discover all the lights and fir trees with which the city is adorned on these special dates.

During the winter we can also visit the International Fair of Cultures, where more than a hundred multicultural activities are held with the participation of 40 embassies such as the Japanese kimono ceremony, Arabic food tastings, African dances etc. The Plaza Mayor Christmas Market is also very popular, where one can soak up the most traditional Christmas atmosphere.

During the early hours of January 5 to 6, while everyone sleeps, the Three Wise Men deposit gifts in homes around the world. The previous afternoon they go through the streets of the city in a spectacular parade to greet everyone present and distribute sweets.

With the last new moon of winter, the Carnival is celebrated in Madrid, that special moment where Madrilenians display their humor and ingenuity to dress up and have a great time with the Great Carnival Parade, the show of Madrid comparsas, the Masked Ball of the Círculo de Bellas Artes, the romper suit and the end of the party with the famous Burial of the Sardine.

So when is it better to visit Madrid?

Any season is good to visit Madrid because each one has its charm and depends on the plans we want to make during the stay. Personally, I recommend spring and fall as the temperatures are milder than the rest. In addition, the city is not crowded as during the Christmas period, in which it is very difficult to walk through the center.

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