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It is very common among those who buy a vehicle with a passenger compartment to ask the question where can you park a motorhome. Because the regulations depend on each municipality and, many times, they are not clear in all circumstances.

In addition, motorhomes have received a huge boost in recent times. There are hundreds of thousands of people who have chosen to buy one to travel. all stand out freedom that it offers them, since they can take the course they want and stop where they want. In short, they highlight that it allows them to organize their trip as they wish. If you are thinking of purchasing one of these vehicles, we are going to explain where you can park a motorhome and also the advantages it offers you.

Where can you camp and where can you park a motorhome?

Mobile home trips

A camping motorhome

The first thing we must explain to you about it is the difference between parking and camping. And even between this last activity and the similar, but not identical, stay overnight. As a common rule, you can park your motorhome in any of the places enabled for parking. Unless it is explicitly prohibited, it does not stop being a type of vehicle and, therefore, it has the same rights and duties as the others.

It is true that there are different types of motorhomes. You can have a small Camper type or a larger one similar to a small truck. In the latter case, you will have the same restrictions as other heavy vehicles. For example, there are cities that do not allow them to circulate in the center or park on their streets. In such a circumstance, you will not be able to do it with your motorhome either.

However, going back to the camper type or small ones, you can not only park them in the same places as the cars, but also you can spend the night in them. However, you will have to respect some rules. These include not obstructing the view of monuments or the circulation of other vehicles and avoiding noise. In any case, what is prohibited is camping in these places.

We understand by spending the night, as its name suggests, the fact of sleeping inside your motorhome. As long as it's properly parked, you can. And you also have the right to eat and do other activities in it. Your vehicle is private property and no one can tell you what to do with it.

However, you can't camp. This is understood as the fact of parking your motorhome and removing awnings or other exterior elements. It would also make it release waste to the outside. You can only camp in the places conveniently enabled for it. Logically, private properties, as long as you have authorization from their owners, also offer you the possibility of camping.

Coastal and protected areas

Motorhome on the beach

Motorhome on a beach

You must take special care when parking your motorhome on the coast or in specially protected places. Regarding the first, keep in mind that the Coastal Law strictly prohibits parking on beaches and in their areas of influence. As for the seconds, you can't do it either, let alone throw some kind of waste. The fines in both cases are very high. A good example of prohibited sites would be the Doñana national park.

However, in almost all protected or coastal areas there are camping sites in which you can also do it with your motorhome. are the calls service areas, which allow you to remove waste from your vehicle and also have toilets, a cafeteria and other amenities. They can also be free or paid.

Precisely, they are paid campings, spaces that also usually have service areas for motorhomes. They offer you everything you need to enjoy a comfortable stay and they are not expensive.

Benefits of traveling in a motorhome

Camping site

Caravans on a campsite

As we have already told you, the great advantage offered by this type of vehicle is freedom. You can hit the road aimlessly, change your route and spend the night wherever you want. If you stay in a hotel or an apartment, you will have a pleasant vacation in a certain city. On the other hand, with a motorhome you can move completely independently from one location to another and even across several countries. It all depends on the kilometers you want to do.

You can even combine the beach and the mountains, visits to monuments and other activities on your trip. But always knowing that you have your accommodation wherever you are. In addition, this freedom allows you travel slowly, stopping more or less time in the places you want, and improvise new routes.

Another great advantage of motorhomes is that you have everything you need in a small space, but especially used. Unlike a hotel room, your vehicle has a kitchen and, depending on its size, other amenities such as a small living room or beds with mattresses chosen by you.

On the other hand, traveling as a family with a motorhome is a fantastic experience, especially for your young children. For them, it will be all an adventure staying in a small house on wheels that can also be transformed. And, above all, they will enjoy thanks to the contact with nature that this type of trip offers them. Imagine, for example, that they get up in full Picos de Europa.

You can even consider the motorhome as an investment. It is true that, at first, it will mean a significant financial outlay. But think about all the trips you can make and how much they would cost you if you did them on public transport and stayed in hotels. In the long run, you will undoubtedly save a good amount of money.

You also have the option of rent a motorhome. In this case, the difference is even more important. Logically, each one has its own price and this varies depending on the area where you live and other factors. But, on average, one of these vehicles can cost you a hundred or a hundred and fifty euros a day. Think that, with this, you are renting a small apartment for your whole family and also a vehicle to get around on your trip. Now compare this price with what it would cost you to travel to the towns you want to visit and stay in them. The money difference is substantial.

Finally, the fact of traveling in a motorhome allows you to discover the places of your trip at your leisure. You can do it at dates when they are not overcrowded by tourism. And, with it, you will avoid long queues at museums, restaurants, monuments and other places of interest.

However, traveling by motorhome also has some disadvantages. We will show you the most important ones below.

Disadvantages of traveling in a motorhome

motorhome on the road

The freedom offered by a motorhome

As with other types of trips, doing it in a motorhome is not pleasant for everyone. It is true that some people who have tried it do not want a different vacation. But it is also true that others do not finish adapting to this way of traveling.

You need to take into account the work that these types of vehicles give you. Sometimes you have to wedge and level it to make it stable on the camping spot. Likewise, you must connect it to the electrical network and check that it has enough drinking water. You even have to remove the sewage.

Moreover, the space it offers you is very small. Consequently, you have to be very orderly and respectful with those who accompany you. For example, if there is a folding bed that turns into a table, the person sleeping on it will have to get up early so that the others can eat breakfast.

Unlike a traditional trip, with a motorhome you have to do it all. You will have to take care of driving, installation and cleaning, shopping and, in general, everything you need to have a pleasant stay.

Furthermore, on many occasions you will need a secondary vehicle. Service areas for motorhomes are usually on the outskirts of cities. Consequently, to get closer to them, either you dismantle your campsite and reinstall it on your return or you use a motorcycle or a bicycle to get around. On the other hand, these types of vehicles are slow. They do not reach high speeds so you will have to take the trip calmly. However, this is also one of its charms.

Finally, you must bear in mind that a motorhome has its maintenance costs. We have already mentioned that its price is not cheap, but it is also relatively expensive to maintain it. It consumes considerably more fuel than a car and, in addition, you must pay its insurance, its tax on mechanical traction vehicles, its inspections and its breakdowns. You even have to find him a garage for when you're not travelling.

And this leads us to talk to you again about where you can park a motorhome. It is also important to know that no vehicle can be parked in the same place on public roads for more than a few days. Therefore, either you move it from time to time or you look for a car park private for her, with its corresponding cost.

In conclusion, we have explained where can you park a motorhome. When doing so, you must differentiate between camping and parking to be clear. You can do the latter in the same places as the rest of the vehicles. However, camping is only allowed in service areas or campings. In any case, we encourage you to try the motorhome, it is very easy for you to become fond of it.

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