What are the best Six Flags parks in America?

Six Flags

You may have ever heard of "Six Flags." Six Flags  It is the world's largest chain of amusement and theme parks.

This chain was founded in Texas in 1961 so it has been around for a long time, an amusement park that has the symbol of Six Flags It is automatically a guaranteed place to have a great time both in the company of friends and family. Currently the Six Flags chain is based in New York.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Roller Coaster Six Flags

This amusement park is located north of San Antonio, and it is a theme park for the whole family. It also has rides for all ages, including roller coasters and rides that cross the water. This park is constantly being renovated, so let's not be surprised that it has changed from year to year. This place also has a water park, an artificial river, wave pools, but this only in summer.

Six Flags Magic Mountain

In California, we find Six Flags Magic Mountain, an amusement park that sits 30 minutes north of Los Angeles. It is worth noting that it has been providing fun to visitors since 1971. As a curious fact, we tell you that it is the only Six Flags park that is open every day of the year. The cost of admission for adults is $ 65 dollars and for children $ 40 dollars, and although it is somewhat expensive, you know that it does not matter what day of the year you want to go because it will be open so you can enjoy with family or friends.

Six Flags Great Adventure

In New Jersey, specifically in Jackson we find the Six Flags Great Adventure a theme park that features several roller coasters such as the Nitro, Superman: Ultimate Flight, the Medusa, the Batman: The Ride, the Great American Scream Machine and the Rolling Thunder. It is also worth mentioning that here we find the highest roller coaster in the world, and the second fastest. We refer to the Kingda Ka. You will also be able to experience the adrenaline in one of the tallest, fastest wooden roller coasters with the greatest angle of fall in the world. It is about El Toro. Will you have the courage to overcome all that adrenaline and enjoy these incredible adventures?

Six flags Mexico: Hurricane Harbor

Six Flags of Mexico roller coaster

Six Flags Mexico is ideal if you go on vacation to Mexico because you can have a great time on your vacation. It has also launched a new water park: Hurricane Harbor Oaxtepec And it is great because if the park is already great in itself, now it can include new slides, games and attractions so that you can enjoy it in a big way and become an experience that you will never forget. As if that weren't enough, it also has new restaurants and shops… you just need to fully enjoy everything it has to offer!

As if that were not enough, you can enjoy discounts on their website and programs so that you can have a great time with everything well organized in the amusement park. Without a doubt, it is a highly recommended destination to have a great time.

Six Flags Over Georgia

This amusement park is located in Atlanta, Georgia and like all the ones I have mentioned before, it is an excellent place to spend a fun vacation. There is no shortage of attractions where adrenaline will be the protagonist. You have restaurants, programs for the little ones, attractions, events to have a great time, rides for children, water parks for the hottest days ... so you will have options to enjoy the adrenaline or the smallest of the house with less risky options.

They are worth visiting

Six Flags Goliath

These are some of the coolest amusement parks in Six Flags, but being a chain each and every one of them is of the highest quality and they care that the attractions are in good condition, that customers enjoy every minute that they pass inside the enclosure.

As I have told you, and being a chain, you can see a certain similarity in some things if you go through them all, but what is certain is that you will be able to enjoy to the maximum of all your vacations. There are all these parks in the United States, but there is a Six Flahs that will open its doors soon in ... China! A place that I am sure will be a safe bet.

If you are going to plan a trip to the United States, it is worth taking a few days out of your vacation to be able to go to one of its amusement parks and enjoy everything it has for you. You can even organize the trip so that you can go even if you did not have it completely planned at the beginning. So you can enjoy experiences and adrenaline that otherwise you would never have been able to enjoy, since they are incredible theme parks ... and here in Spain there are none as impressive as these.

Six Flags roller coaster height

And the best thing is that if you go with small children you should not think that it will be an experience little taken advantage of because there are attractions only for adults. At Six Flags they plan to make it a family-friendly place where children have a great time and that is why you can find many ideas, plans and fun for the little ones in the house.

You can not lose this

If you enter the Six Flags website you will be able to buy the tickets, see the discounts (if any) and they will also offer you different packages with the ticket so that you can have a comfortable stay without missing anything.. You can find food deals, parking passes, and much more. So if you did not know what to do on vacation with your family but you knew that the United States was the destination, now you can think a little better how to organize your vacation and make it unique and unrepeatable. Are you going to miss it?

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