Why is it necessary to have motorhome insurance?

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Summer is already giving its last blows. However, the good weather seems to have come to stay and there are many who take advantage of last minute breaks to close the summer in style until next year. What are the best plans to put the finishing touch to summer?

One of the best plans is motorhomes. More and more people are encouraged to take a trip in a vehicle of this type. And it is not for less because the advantages it offers are numerous

  • Possibility of traveling to more places in less time
  • Flexibility of not having to be tied to a check-in or check-out time

Don't be afraid of the weather either, because regardless of what it is doing better or worse, these vehicles have a heating system inside. Now with COVID they have become very fashionable, but yes, when you travel with her it is mandatory to have a motorhome insurance.

Reasons to have motorhome insurance

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Camping in the middle of nature has its that, but there can also be a series of circumstances both our own and others that, in case they happen and we have insurance for our motorhome, we can stop worrying excessively.

  • You win in tranquility If you have a crane to help you in case something happens, either on your own or due to the effects of nature itself such as fires, storms of great characteristics or falling branches, among others
  • You avoid paying exorbitant economic amounts in case of breakdown, theft, blows against other vehicles or facilities and even blows by third parties

What coverage does a motorhome insurance usually have?

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In general, most motorhome insurances usually offer the following most basic coverage:

  • Civil liability
  • Driver accident
  • Travel assistance
  • Damage claim

Older people can include other types of coverage of greater protection such as theft, broken windows or solar panels, among others.

One of the most popular models are camper vans, which by size fit couples who usually travel with them for a few days quite well. In cases like this, it is best to get a motorhome rental insurance for days. But, is it economical to take out insurance of this type?

For this, it has been analyzed how much the price varies when hiring a motorhome insurance for both third parties and all risks for 7, 15 and 30 days.

Type of insurance 7 days 15 days 30 days
Third € 35-54 € 60-130 € 126-195
Fully comprehensive insurance € 84-95 € 179-198 € 292-332

Source: prepared by Roams through Terránea.

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Within third party insurance, the price is more expensive or cheaper depending on whether it includes vehicle assistance or not, respectively. In the case of comprehensive insurance, the amount is also altered depending on the insurance excess. Hence, if it is a comprehensive insurance with a € 200 excess, the cost of the insurance is higher than that of an insurance with a € 300 excess.

In the end it is observed that there is no great variation between a 7 or 15 day insurance. As a general rule, hiring a motorhome insurance on a monthly basis will be economically cheaper in the computation of cost per day What if you do it for a week or a fortnight. Therefore, it will be cheaper the more days you hire.

And best of all, you have the possibility that the insurance will cover the arrangement for free in case something happens to you and your companions as well as to the motorhome with which you travel. Therefore, healing in health is the best option for the good of all.

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