Working aboard a cruise ship: is it a good choice?

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There are many people around the world who are looking for a job opportunity that satisfies them not only financially but also personally. At present and due to the lack of opportunity in some tourist sectors, many people want to take advantage of their training and languages ​​in other areas such as working on board a cruise ship, but is it really a good choice?

Working aboard a cruise ship can have pros and cons, but it is necessary to take all this into account so that if you make the decision to work on board a cruise ship, you will not regret it when you are on the high seas. Although I already warn you that it does not have to be something negative if what you like is share experiences, meet people and have a very dynamic work environment.

What you have to keep in mind

The salary

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If you dare to work on a cruise ship, you should bear in mind that it is one of the best-paid travel-related jobs, and it is that outside of the salary that you can receive, it can reach several thousand dollars, the tip percentage is quite high. But of course, to work on a cruise ship, some of the companies do not take care of the payments you have to make to Social Security and others prefer to pay in a sealed envelope. In this sense, if you want to quote, you should be aware of all the legal aspects to be able to quote while you are working on board a cruise ship.

But the ideal of course is to find a job aboard a cruise ship that hires you and that you can be registered with Social Security with your salary at the end of the month. Although if you want to work as a freelancer and they pay you for services provided, there are companies that also see it as feasible. So you will only have to inform yourself to find out which option is best for you depending on your professional profile.

The issue of tips is something separate because they are usually money that they give you in hand thanks to the services you provide on the boat.

You can save in addition to having a good salary

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As if that were not enough, it is an excellent way to save because as you will have to spend a long time traveling internally on the cruise, you will not have to pay for a flat, no electricity, no water, or telephone. All this is in charge of the company, that is, you have your salary and free roof and food for as long as you have to be working on board.

As if that were not enough, the food is totally free as it is offered by the cruise company as well as the uniforms. How about? Of course, if you dare to work on a cruise ship, try to apply for a position where you are in direct contact with the passengers so that you can receive from that additional income that is tips.

What about working hours? Well, you should know that work on a cruise ship is very demanding. You will work 7 days a week, between about 70 and 80 hours a week, however the shifts are not very long hours as happens in common jobs but are basically shifts between 4 or 6 hours per day or per shift (perhaps you must work more than one shift per 24 hours).

It is worth mentioning that working on a cruise ship does not mean being locked on board all the time.. None of that, every time passengers arrive at a port and get to know the islands, you can also take the same route, as long as you have finished your work.

If you dare to sacrifice time to travel around the world, and especially to receive a very good pay, then this is the ideal job for you.

But not everything is so beautiful

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Although it is true that what I have explained so far is quite tempting, it is necessary that you bear in mind that not everything is so beautiful, but this already depends on your personal preferences and your lifestyle.

When you work on a cruise ship it is not like a normal job that you work your daily hours and you go home to be with your family and disconnect from everything. At work aboard a cruise ship you do not “disconnect” because you will always be at work, that is, as long as the cruise season lasts. The contract will tell you the weeks or months that you must be on board.

This for some people can be hard to cope with, because even if there are new technologies and they can make videoconferences with their families, It is not the same as finishing work and going home.

The feeling of loneliness (even if you are surrounded by people) can be hard for some people, although if your personality is strong and you really think that it can be a good experience and that could increase the quality of your resume, then it can be a great opportunity. .

Think wisely

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If after reading this article, you still think that working on board a cruise ship may be a good idea, then do not hesitate to pursue your dream or your wishes.. It can be a very enriching idea that will give you a lot and you will grow as people, you will be able to meet people from all over the world and also work side by side with them.

So if that's what you want, you just have to look for cruise companies and get in touch with them, so they can tell you the requirements you need to be able to have an opportunity in their company. And if they say no to one, don't throw in the towel There are many cruise companies that will surely want to have highly motivated and eager to work people like you.

But before saying yes to work, it is important that you make sure that the company has good conditions for its workers and that you will be in a pleasant environment, it is a long time that you will be on board and as a worker, you have rights and respect that the company must comply with.

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  1.   franc said

    Hello, I would like to know how you can work on a cruise ship, I have a lot of experience as a waiter and bartender, I have worked in several international companies but I do not know who to contact to be able to send a CV to the cruise lines or recruitment agencies. I would appreciate the information

  2.   Cho said

    70/80 hours a week… 4/6 hours a day ??? I do not get the accounts