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If you plan travel to Cambodia You may be interested in knowing what type of traditional clothing they wear, you may want to know so that you can wear appropriate clothing and be able to be similar to them in terms of clothing.

Cambodia is an exceptional place to visit, but it is also rich in customs and traditions, like the clothes that its citizens wear daily.

The clothes of women and men normally

Traditional clothing in Cambodia

Most Cambodian clothing is casual, with the exception of what is used to go to formal events. Cambodian men usually wear shorts and T-shirts made of light cotton or silk (the wealthiest), in order to keep cool in the face of the strong heat.. Women traditionally wear baggy T-shirts, and it is that sometimes the climate is the one that dominates the clothes of the people. When it is hot there is nothing better than wearing loose clothing to help you stay cooler.

Cambodia appropriate clothing

Casual clothing in Cambodia

Clothing is usually light, baggy and it is recommended that people always wear cotton clothing and long sleeves. In this way they can be protected from the sun's rays, but also from annoying mosquitoes or other insects. During the rainy season, it is necessary to always carry an umbrella. In addition, wearing a jacket when you go to a hotel or restaurant is necessary because they tend to use the air conditioning excessively.

These tips that I just mentioned in the previous paragraph are a good idea to keep in mind because they will help you feel better in the city of Cambodia and you will be able to dress accordingly with its weather and your lifestyle. But of course, don't forget how you feel comfortable either.

Next I am going to talk to you about some traditional Cambodian clothes, since for them everything related to fashion is quite important. Fashion helps them to differentiate themselves socially and to feel comfortable every day.

Important silks in Cambodia

Silk dresses for women in Cambodia

There are three important silks in Cambodia. These include ikat silks (chong kiet in Khmer), or hol, silks that have patterns and the weft ikat. The prints are made with synthetic fibers and dyed. The patterns are repeated in different colors, traditionally five colors used: red, yellow, green, blue and black. The Sampot Hol it is used as an inferior garment. The Pidan Hol it is used in ceremonies and for religious purposes.

The technique to perform the traditional clothing is important

Cambodia women

Sot silk has an important role in the past culture of Cambodia. It has been documented that the people of the Takéo province had silk since the Funan era. From ancient times, women learned complex methods, one of which is the hol method. East involves dyeing the designs on silk. What remains the same in Cambodian garments is their unique level of technique, the reason why they remain attractive and incomparable. The ancestors believed that this gave them a particular "look". The sampot is the national symbol of Cambodia. Traditional dresses are similar to those in neighboring Laos and Thailand, but a number of variations have been made between countries.

Different kinds of sampot  Sampot from Cambodia

The sampot dates from the Funan era, when the King of Cambodia ordered the people of his kingdom to use sampot at the request of the Chinese. There are different variations of sampot, each one is used according to social class. The typical sampot, known as saron, is used by men and women of the lower classes. It measures approximately one and a half meters and is tied at the waist. The Chang Kaen sampot is the favorite choice of middle class women, for everyday use. Some men also wear it, but the prints depend on the gender.

The Khmer scarf

The Khmer scarf is a scarf made of cotton or silk fabric (it is a staple of Cambodian fashion as I have discussed above). Being a thin fabric it wraps around the head or neck and it is used mainly to clean the sweat of the face because of the color.

Cambodia fashion

Cambodia clothing

If it has been a bit confusing for you to understand what I just told you, do not worry because there is a website that talks about Cambodian fashion and you will be able to see all the typical and traditional clothes without exception. On the web you can find on the right side a menu with links so that you can see each of them. In each section you can find different types of images that show you Cambodian fashion, such as the dress also called Khmer, a dress that Cambodian women usually use a traditional dress called Khmer that is used to get married or to attend an event religious. You can also wear this dress for very special occasions. But you will see more dresses and pictures so you can get a better idea.

Cambodia traditional dresses

In this section I want to show you a video on Youtube where you can see Cambodia traditional fashion so you can see even better how they are and what style they have. I found the video thanks to the Sarong Vit-Kory YouTube channel. In this channel you can find several interesting videos about Cambodian life.

What did you think of the video? You may perceive it as interesting, since it is not normal to see this type of clothing in our current society. We are used to a type of fashion that is more casual, informal and adapted to our society. But this does not mean that it is not interesting to know new cultures and above all, to know their way of dressing. And it is that once you know the way to dress a place, you can get an idea of ​​what their culture can be like, truth? Do you think the same or do you think it has nothing to do with it?

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