Editorial team

Actualidad Viajes is a Actualidad Blog website. Our website is dedicated to world of travel and in it we propose original destinations while we intend to provide all the information and advice about traveling, the different cultures of the world and the best offers and tourist guides. For several many years we produced a travel podcast which had quite an important success, achieving the first place in the European Podcast Awards in the Business category in Spain and the fourth in Europe in the years 2011 as well as being a finalist in the years 2010 y 2013.

The editorial team of Actualidad Viajes is made up of passionate travelers and globetrotters of all kinds happy to share their experience and knowledge with you. If you also want to be part of it, do not hesitate to write us through this form.


  • Mariela Lane

    Since I was a child I like to know other places, cultures and their people. When I travel I take notes to be able to transmit later, with words and images, what that destination is for me and it can be for those who read my words. Writing and traveling are similar, I think they both take your mind and heart very far.

  • Luis Martinez

    Sharing my experiences around the world and trying to spread my passion for travel is something that I love. Also know the customs of other towns and of course the adventure. So writing about these issues, bringing it closer to the general public, fills me with satisfaction.

Former editors

  • Susana garcia

    Graduated in Advertising, I like to write and discover new stories and places for as long as I can remember. Traveling is one of my passions and that is why I try to find all the information about those places that I hope to see one day.

  • Maria

    They say that there are as many types of travelers as there are people in the world. Throughout my travels I became aware of the variety of interests that we can run into, so in Actualidad Viajes I will give you the information you need to fully enjoy your vacations in any corner of the world.

  • Carmen Guillen

    I think that traveling is one of the richest experiences that a person can live ... A shame, that money is needed for this, right? I want and I am going to talk about all kinds of trips in this blog but if I am going to give importance to something, it is those destinations to which I go without leaving a fortune on the way.

  • maria jose roldan

    Special Education Teacher, Psychopedagogue and passionate about writing and communication. Fan of decoration and good taste, I am always in continuous learning... making my passion and hobbies my job. You can visit my personal website to keep up to date with everything.

  • Carlos López

    Since I was little I always wanted to travel and little by little I was able to become a tireless traveler. My favorite destinations: India, Peru and Asturias, although there are many others. I love recording on video what I like and above all taking photos of him as if he were a Japanese. I love trying the traditional gastronomy of the place I visit and bringing me a few recipes and ingredients to make at home and share them with everyone.