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Towns of Galicia

Galicia is one of those lands that fall in love, whether you were born in it or not. A place that is not one of the most advertised, but that nevertheless, with its discretion, has managed to earn a position in the best destinations in Spain for many things. For its people, its beaches, its natural landscapes and of course for its gastronomy. You may have gone on vacation and moved through the main cities without realizing that you have missed something very big: its charming towns.

Today we are going to give you the first selection of the 20 charming towns in Galicia, and we will fall short. They all have something special, something to go through and stay a bit to discover what makes them so special. So you can already make a list of towns that you must visit when you return there.

Combarro, Pontevedra


We start with one of the towns that despite being small have a large influx of tourists. It is Combarro, located in the Rías Baixas, an area highly appreciated for its beaches and gastronomy. In Combarro we will find a typical fishing village with such authentic pictures that we will spend the day taking photos. The small colored boats, the stone houses, the narrow streets and the restaurants that serve seafood are a classic. But in addition to this, you have to see this town for the beautiful granaries that overlook the estuary and for the stone crosses.

Ribadavia, Ourense


Ribadavia is one of those towns that still retains much of its old charm. One of the essential visits is the Castle of the Sarmiento. If you arrive in summer you may enjoy the Festa da Istoria, with a town that dresses up as medieval, and if not, then you can always enjoy wines and an octopus tapa.

Allariz, Ourense


Allariz is one of those villas that has taken care not to lose all the charm in its old area, so it is very well preserved. If we want to see a well preserved old town with charm, we have to go to this small town in Ourense. Look for the Church of Santiago de Allariz, one of its most interesting points, and of course try to lose yourself quietly through its cobbled streets, which are said to have been made with the remains of the old castle that no longer exists.

Cambados, Pontevedra


In the Rías Baixas there are many interesting corners, not in vain it is one of the most tourist areas. We find the town of Cambados, renowned due to how famous its Albariño wine has become. In addition to stopping to taste these famous wines in one of its wineries, we have to see some things like the remains of Santa Mariña de Dozo, in the center of the town, the beautiful stone Pazo de Fefiñáns and the Torre de San Sadurniño.

San Andrés de Teixido, A Coruña

San Andrés de teixido

It is said that whoever does not go to San Andrés de Teixido as a dead person is going alive, so we will have to pass through here sooner or later, and of course the trip is worth it. A very small villa but with spectacular views on the cliffs. Visiting its sanctuary is a must, and also enjoy the sea views once you arrive at this curious place of pilgrimage. Because otherwise, remember that you must go in spirit when leaving this world.

O Cebreiro, Lugo

Or Cebreiro

O Cebreiro is a village located in Lugo and famous for having recovered the typical pallozas, some ancestral constructions that were falling into disuse. Without a doubt, it is a way of going back in time to discover how people lived not so long ago in this area of ​​the Lugo mountain. We must not stop approaching the Serra do Caurel and the Sil canyons after enjoying the history of the surprising pallozas of O Cebreiro.

Ortigueira, A Coruña


Oritgueira is a coastal town that has become famous for its summer festival of celtic music. Nearby we can find great beaches and also the well-known bank with the most beautiful views in the world, on the Loiba cliffs. A visit to this town with a port and the surrounding natural landscapes is one of the most beautiful routes we can do.

Monforte de Lemos, Lugo

Monforte de Lemos

Monforte de Lemos stands out above all for having been an important place in medieval times, a fortress city of which many buildings are preserved. In this villa you can enjoy its famous castle with the Torre del Homenaje, its most important place, the Count Palace or the Benedictine Monastery. You can visit more historical points in this beautiful town of Lugo, such as the Old Bridge, which is said to have Roman origin. Of course its charm is indisputable.

Baiona, Pontevedra


We finished this first ranking with the town of Baiona, in the southern part of Galicia. It is a quiet town on the ocean shore, overlooking the famous Cíes Islands. In fact, in this town you can take a ferry to visit them. But first we must enjoy the beautiful beaches and the Monterreal fortress. We will also find a replica of the caravel de la Pinta in the port of Baiona.

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