5 very useful apps for your next summer vacation


New technologies have made our way of traveling change and become more comfortable and simple. Our smartphone is an essential ally of our trips and helps us to make the most of all those applications dedicated to tourism that contribute to making our trip an unforgettable experience.

Among the multitude of apps dedicated to tourism, in the following article we will highlight 5 that will help you on different occasions during your holidays. In this way you can better prepare the trip and solve small unforeseen events that may arise. We started!

XE Currency

When organizing a getaway, how many times have you looked at how the exchange rate is to the currency of the country you are going to? Surely there have been many days before the trip, trying to decide when is the best time to change.
XE Currency is the perfect app to keep abreast of the currency market: how much each one of them is relative to your currency and what is the evolution they have had in recent days. 
This app offers instantly recorded exchange rates and tables and even stores the latest updated exchange rates so that it works even when the internet is not available.


This application allows us to download a complete and detailed tourist guide where we will obtain information about the city to be visited Relating to attractions, museums, restaurants, hotels, theaters and shops with useful traveler reviews, prices and schedules.
mTrip has more than 35 travel guides but only allows the download of a free preview, so you have to pay 3,99 euros to get the complete tourist guide. However, it is worth it for the quality of the content.
In this application, the option El Genio de Viaje stands out, which automatically creates personalized itineraries according to your travel interests, preferred pace, travel dates, accommodation, place and time of opening of establishments, as well as the evaluations of other travelers. Use smart ordering to reorganize visits and personalize your itinerary at any time.
mTrip is 100% offline so no internet connection is necessary except for sharing and updating. It also has a travel diary to easily create and share your records in hotels, photos and comments.

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Available on Android and iOS, Foodspotting is a very interesting app that, unlike typical apps or websites that collect opinions about restaurants, allows us to know which are the tastiest and best valued dishes of the neighborhood or area in which we find ourselves during our trip. Thus, when we go to order in a restaurant we will be able to know if a dish truly deserves the fame it has or not.
In Foodspotting you can recommend the dishes that you liked the most and photograph them so that other users can learn about your experience. More than four million dishes have been recommended in the world thanks to this app and the most foodie travelers are delighted with it.

OMG I can meditate!

Those who suffer from fear of flying or that the preparation of a trip generates a lot of stress will find OMG I can measurete! your best ally. 
This app is the easiest way to learn how to meditate. Thanks to its mindfulness program and its meditation techniques we can get rid of the stress and anxiety caused by the fear of flying or preparing for a trip. In this way we will be able to bring more happiness to our lives and start the holidays on the right foot.
In addition, this app combats sleep disturbances and helps improve concentration with just ten minutes a day. It can be used on your smartphone or computer and is free. It is available on both Google Play and iTunes.


One of the worst nightmares a traveler can have is that his flight is canceled, suffers delays, lost connections or is overbooked when he is about to start his vacation. Without a doubt, it is a task that threatens to take away all the joy and calm with which you had proposed to go on a trip.
A free app on iOS and Android that can save you from trouble is FlyPal. Its great virtue is that it presents the traveler in real time the options that they can demand from the airlines if there is a problem with their flight in accordance with European regulations. That is, it informs you of the attention that airlines must offer you regarding alternative flights with seats, financial compensation or reimbursements.
Furthermore, if the airline does not provide the traveler with the appropriate help, from the application itself, the European authorities can be notified that they are in charge of fining these companies when they fail to fulfill their obligations.
Have you already used any of these applications on your trips? If not, which one would you like to start using? What other apps would you recommend?
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