Australian customs


Australia is a relatively young country, which has been nurtured by emigration from other countries, so their culture is a great mix. However, we must also take into account the native culture of the aborigines, which is increasingly important to rescue the roots of the country.

Today we will know a little more about the Australian customs, a cozy and very interesting country for all types of tourists. Without a doubt, it is a great mix of customs and cultures that surprises everyone who goes to visit it.

Australian drinks

Australia is a country in which we will feel very comfortable, because they do not have customs that differ much from European countries. As much of his population is of European origins, the customs have moved. That is why his favorite drinks are beer, coffee and of course tea. It should be noted the great English influence in all its gastronomy. The coffee culture is highly developed and it is common to see places where there are even professional baristas. On the other hand, tea is not lacking in all homes, to accompany some meals, as it is done in England.

Celebrations in Australia

Australia's day

In Australia they have typical celebrations, such as the New Year or Christmas, which are celebrated on the beach on many occasions. It is something very peculiar, because being located in the southern hemisphere, Christmas coincides with summer and almost everyone celebrates something on the beach. Those who live in the northern hemisphere see this as something very strange, but without a doubt it is the ideal place to spend a different Christmas. On the other hand, their culture has also picked up the Halloween baton, so on October 31 everyone dresses up. There is a day that is very special for Australians, on January 26 as it is Australia Day. It is celebrated on the day of the English colonization on the continent, and although at present it is not without controversy, it is still a perfect day to spend with the family having picnics and enjoying the events and concerts scheduled for that day.


El australian lifestyle It is quite light-hearted. Without a doubt there is a great change in the type of life on the coast, with a great surfing tradition, and in the interior, where there are huge farms with a lot of work and immense fields. The majority of the population is undoubtedly concentrated in the coastal areas, but the Australian outback is not to be missed, which can be just as interesting. If something surprises us about Australians, it is their hospitality and how open they are, especially considering the English influence in the country. They are open and cheerful people in general, who receive outsiders with total hospitality.

Meals in Australia


As in many Anglo-Saxon countries, the midday meal is not of great importance, something that strangers us in Spain, since it is our main meal. In Australia, dinner is given much more importance and it is done around 19.00:XNUMX p.m., since they also get up much earlier than in our country. The noon meal is a lunch and it is taken around 12.30 pm, being a light meal of an aperitif. These meals are made making a stop at work, that is why they are so light, since the days are usually continuous until five in the afternoon.

At meals you have to make a special mention to barbecues. With such good weather most of the year, barbecues have become an important part of everyday life for Australians. They like to celebrate barbecues very much and in many of the houses there are small gardens to be able to have meals outdoors with generous barbecues.

The aborigines


With colonization came the decline of aboriginal culture in the sense that their territories were occupied and they were treated as second-class citizens. The Aboriginal people issue it is still hot today, although today its customs and way of life are recovering. We can learn more and more about those who inhabited Australia before the European emigrations. You won't be able to resist playing a Didgeridoo to recreate those peculiar sounds that are already directly related to Australia.


Surf in Australia

In Australia there is a great sports culture. One of the favorites is surfing, which can be practiced on the countless beaches along the coast. There are many surf schools to enjoy some classes on the beautiful Australian beaches. On the other hand, rugby is very important, so you should not miss the opportunity to see an interesting game of this demanding sport.

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