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Located within the department of Lambayeque we can find the city of Chiclayo, a beautiful coastal area in the northern part of the Peruvian nation, being sought after and desired for its beautiful beaches with good weather for much of the year. The good thing about Chiclayo is that apart from having this wonderful coastal environment, it also has very special traditions that make it a memorable space within our trips.

Besides, let us remember that it is neither more nor less than the “Capital of Friendship”, a name received by the kindness of its inhabitants.

Much of Chiclayo's customs are linked to its history and religion, Thus, its churches and squares that have been in force since the XNUMXth century have become very important for its inhabitants. Thus the Cathedral of Chiclayo stands out as that place where to look for and appreciate a little history of the last two centuries of the city.

In case of looking for other types of customs, much more related to the artistic, let's see the presence of paso horses and chalanes, the latter are the riders who make the paso horse show off its beautiful gait.

In Chiclayo, cockfighting is also very popular., considered as a method of entertainment that have been in existence for a long time. The gastronomy of the area could also be called an important part of its traditional charm.

After this introduction, if you are thinking of traveling to Chiclayo for any of your vacations or you are simply interested in the place, read on to get to know it a little better.

Chiclayo Chiclayo Mountains

Chiclayo is the fourth largest city in Peru, it is the capital of the Lambayeque region that is located in the coastal plain of northern Peru. In 2007 the population was 524.442 inhabitants, but that is increasing every year. They have a sunny and very warm climate, with a pleasant fresh ocean breeze that encompasses the entire geography that includes large mountains and extensive beaches with spectacular waves. It is a land of ancient legendary civilizations and a rich colonial society that is reflected in its majestic traditional buildings. The city of Chiclayo is known for its beautiful colonial architecture, great seafood specialties, natural medicines and it is also well known for its impressive archaeological sites and ruins that are of great tourist interest.

Recognition and respect for their history

Chiclayo streets

Chiclayo was founded in 1560 as a rural town in India by a Spanish priest. Until the 600th century it was a small city compared to the nearby city of Lambayeque. Since then, the city of Chiclayo has grown a lot to become a great modern metropolis. The Lambayeque region of Peru, in which Chiclayo is located on the coast, gave rise to the great Mochica culture from XNUMX AD

Legend has it that the god Naylamp was sailing together with a vast entourage thousands of years ago to found his empire. Some ancient civilizations saw the strategy of controlling the region, because it is an important place in Peru. There is a commercial center in the north of Peru where everyone goes because it is very important.

In Chiclayo, as in the rest of Peru, its inhabitants have great recognition and respect for their history. This is evident in common cultural celebrations throughout the country. In Chiclayo, for example, the “Muchik Identity Week” is celebrated, it is an annual festival where it is celebrated for a week. This week includes different events such as a beauty contest for the title of Miss Lambayeque; presentations in schools about student work, photographic exhibitions of the region, etc. The prizes that are given to the best presentations of the school and also for the best photos. The dates are decided by the local delegations.

Parties and celebrations

Celebrations in Chiclayo

There are popular celebrations in the city of Peru and in the Chiclayo region they are no exception. Some important events to attend if you want to travel to Chiclayo are the following:

Pilgrims and the Cross of Chalpon

It is a festival of the Santísima Cruz de Chalpón in February: (considered the summer in the southern hemisphere), celebrated in the city of Chiclayo, it is always a delight for the public.

The Holy Cross of Motupe Pilgrimage

It is held annually in early August in the nearby cities of Chalpón and Motupe. The event features an emotional pilgrimage (Santísima Cruz de Motupe) in honor of the patron saint of the city, and since then it has become the most important religious celebration in the Lambayeque region.

The celebration takes place over a period of several days. On August 2, the parish priest and a group of faithful followers begin the pilgrimage to the Cerro de Chalpón, which is about 10 km away. The next day, the pilgrims go up the hill to the cave that houses the holy cross and once they arrive they celebrate mass. Then they will carry the cross up the hill and little by little they will return to the church in Motupe, arriving on August 4 through the small villages of El Salitral, El Zapote and Guayaquil. It is undoubtedly a tradition and a custom that many inhabitants feel and that they carry out with devotion.

Chiclayo poster

The main day of the festival is August 5, where they perform fireworks castles in the main square and bands play music until dawn. The pilgrimage offers a great opportunity to witness the mixture of indigenous and Christian customs incorporated into local religious ceremonies.

Without a doubt Chiclayo is a place that you cannot miss if you are going to visit Peru. You will love its traditions, its people, its gastronomy, its beautiful landscapes, everything it has for you to discover in places to visit and archeology… you can't miss it! Of course, do not forget the camera because you will want to immortalize each of the moments that you can live in this wonderful city.

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