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Every movie fan's dream is to travel to Los Angeles to visit all the corners of the City of Stars, those places that they have seen countless times on film and television and where some of the best cinema scenes have been filmed.

One of these attractions to see in Los Angeles is the Walk of Fame, the most popular sidewalk in the world. With more than 2.500 stars dedicated to the biggest names in the entertainment industry, every year thousands of people visit it in search of the name of their favorite artists, to honor those who are no longer there and to take a souvenir photo in such a place. iconic like this one.

Do you know when the Hollywood Walk of Fame was created? And who got the first star in this particular firmament? Do you know which category has the most stars and the one with the least? Next, I reveal all the secrets of the Walk of Fame.

Origin of the Walk of Fame

There are two theories about why it was decided to create this iconic Hollywood boulevard. The first dates back to 1953 when the then president of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, EM Stuart, wanted to pay tribute to the world of cinema inspired by the decoration of the Hollywood Hotel restaurant, from whose ceiling hung stars with names of different artists .

The second takes us to 1958 when Hollywood hired the artist Oliver Weismuller to help with the remodeling work of the city and make it more attractive to tourists and Angelenos. It is said to create the Hollywood Walk of Fame was inspired by a small mishap that actress Constance Talmadge had when she mistakenly stepped on a newly paved area and left the mark of her hunt on the ground. And so the tradition began!

What was the first star on the Walk of Fame?

Be that as it may, since the 50s more than 2.000 stars have been deposited on the ground and in the mid-90s the Walk of Fame had to be expanded because it had become too small. But the first of all stars was awarded to actress Joanne Woodward in 1960.

The decline of the Walk of Fame

Due to the degradation of the neighborhood between 1960 and 1968, the Walk of Fame fell into oblivion and no new stars were added. However, after its reorganization, it was given a new impetus and in order for it to regain its notoriety, the inauguration of each star was accompanied by a ceremony in which the honoree had to be present.

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What is the most famous stretch of the Walk of Fame?

Most of them are condensed Hollywood Boulevard, although there are also many stars that are installed in Vine Street.

The price of the stars

It is mandatory that the laureates take care of the maintenance of the stars of the Walk of Fame. A figure that is around $ 30.000 today. Although the price may discourage many from having their own star, the truth is that it is a very popular boulevard among artists, receiving about 200 nominations a year to add new characters to the extensive list. Only about 10% of the nominees are selected.

Due to the controversy that has sometimes existed regarding the choice of honorees, there is currently a committee divided into five categories that chooses the people who will have a star on the ground in Los Angeles.

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Types of categories

  • Camera: Contribution to the film industry.
  • Television: Contribution to the world of television.
  • Gramophone: Contribution to the music industry.
  • Microphone: Contribution to the world of radio.
  • Mask: Contribution to the theater industry.

Which category has more and less stars?

So far, 47% of the stars on the Walk of Fame belong to the film category and less than 2% have been awarded for their contribution to the theater industry.

Are there Spaniards with a star?

That's how it is. In the film category Antonio Banderas, Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz are the Spanish actors who have their own star on the Walk of Fame although The first to get one was Julio Iglesias in the music category in 1985. Also on this list is the tenor Plácido Domingo.

And the first animated character to receive it?

On the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary, Mickey Mouse became the first cartoon to get a star in 1978. Since then, other characters to obtain it have been Snow White, Bugs Bunny, The Simpsons, Donald Duck, Shrek, Crazy Bird and Kermit the Frog, among many others.

Is there someone who repeats star?

As incredible as it may seem, a repeat person and the only celebrity who has five stars on the Walk of Fame is the cowboy singer and actor Gene Autry.

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