Katowice is a Polish city located in known as Upper Silesia. This city is the capital of the Silesian Voivodeship, which has been like a province within the Republic of Poland. It is a city of great importance for its industrial and financial fabric. It is an interesting and cultural city, very current in which its modern buildings stand out.

We are going to see everything there is of interest in the Polish city of Katowice, an industrial center that today offers an urban and cultural vision to those who visit it. Being an important industrial city, it appears as a young city, highly developed since the XNUMXth century.

Silesian Museum

Katowice Museum

This museum is linked to the history of industry and mining in this city, as it is one of its main growth factors. It is located in the old Warszawa mine, a very large space near the city center. Various glass buildings can be seen emerging from the ground, but part of the museum is underground, to pay tribute to those mining facilities. Although the museum was created in the early twentieth century but was discontinued in the World Wars to be re-established in the eighties, although the current location was given in 2015. This museum surprises with its modern architecture mixed with some old buildings. When we visit this museum we can see different spaces. In the main hall you can find an exhibition of the history of the city and there is an interactive tour. You can see recreations of old houses, of miners going to work or of the former socialist Poland. In this museum we also find a section of national and international works of art.

Katowice Center


This city was recognized as such in the XNUMXth century. It is not a city as old as Krakow or Warsaw so we cannot expect a medieval style center. But at its center we find equally interesting things. We can see some pretty XNUMXth century buildings in its streets and go through the Market Square, where we find a space with modern buildings and some from the socialist era. We can also see the central train station, a modern building from which we also have connection to many other places. On Calle Santa María we will find cafes and restaurants in classic buildings, a place that is considered essential in the city.


Near the Katowice Forest Park is this part of the city. It is one of the most authentic neighborhoods in the city and it is definitely worth seeing, as It was built at the beginning of the XNUMXth century for the families of the workers of the mines and industries that predominated in this city. All this tells us about the history of the city and the old industrial prosperity. The intensive use of brick in buildings is striking, something that gives harmony to the whole. We can see many cozy houses and also a church in the same reddish brick. There are also some places, restaurants and cafes to take us with peace of mind while touring this peculiar historic neighborhood.

Katowice parks

Katowice Park

As in many other cities, in Katowice we can find some parks in which to walk and enjoy a bit of nature in the middle of the city. In the Silesian Insurrection Park we find a monument to this historical fact. Silesian Park is an ideal place to go with the family. In addition, the Kosciuszko Park stands out, the perfect place to disconnect with 72 hectares of trees. A park that was designed in the English style.

Visit the church of Santa María

In neighborhood of Santa María or Mariacka which is a great pedestrian street with restaurants and bars, you will find this church. It was built in the neo-Gothic style in the XNUMXth century and stands out for its tall bell tower. If we visit its interior we can see some paintings by artists of the time and stained glass windows. It is a church that is part of the history of the city, since it was built by immigrants who came to the city to work in the mining industry.

Other museums in Katowice

Although we already told you about its main museum, in the city you can find others that are of interest. At the Katowice History Museum we can learn more about how this city and its origins came into being. It is located in a beautiful building from the beginning of the XNUMXth century. We can also visit the original Historical Museum of Computing and Informatics, where you can enjoy computers and see how everything was from the beginning. This is an ideal museum to go with children, since they will see that computing was very different just a few years ago. Finally you can see the Museum of the History of the Guitar, with more than one hundred guitars brought from all over the world.

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