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Trieste is a peculiar city, which is located in the northern part of Italy, facing the Adriatic Sea and bordering Slovenia. It is the capital of the Fruili-Venezia Giulia region. This city is a melting pot of diverse cultures, since it is in Italy, a step away from Slovenia and was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Although it is not yet able to outshine the popularity of other Italian cities, it is a place worth seeing.

This city ​​was visited by many personalities such as James Joyce or Ernest Hemingway. It is a beautiful city, which seems inspiring and enjoys a good climate, except when the famous bora blows, a strong wind that appears only a few times a year. We are going to know a little more about this peculiar city of Trieste.

Miramare Castle

Miramare Castle

This beautiful castle was built in the XNUMXth century and is located in a beautiful location, overlooking the Adriatic Sea. This castle was erected for the Archduke Maximilian of Hasburg and his wife Charlotte of Belgium. Apparently there is a legend that anyone who spends too long within its walls will end up dying prematurely like the Archduke. In any case, in this case we would only make a short visit, although we cannot miss this beautiful place. The white color of the stone contrasts with the green of the surrounding fields and the blue of the sea, since it is in an ideal enclave. To see it inside you have to pay entrance, but above all the gardens and their views are worth it.

Unit Square

Piazza della Unita

Already in the center of Trieste we can go to Piazza della Unità, the most central place. In this wide and beautiful square we can see some palaces such as the Communal Palace, Government Palace, Pitteri Palace, Stratti House and Modello Palace among others. All these buildings give this square an elegant and unique style. In Palazzo Stratti we can find one of the most typical cafes of this city, in which there are also several that are of interest. In some nearby streets we will also find the tourist office where we can get more information about the places of interest in Trieste. There are other squares that can also be visited in the city such as Plaza de la Borsa or Plaza Goldini, although they are not as important as this one.

San Giusto

Trieste Cathedral

Normally when we visit a city we want to see its historical part, the most authentic places. Well, in Trieste this area is San Giusto. In this part we can see the cathedral of the city, from the XNUMXth century, with a characteristic white rose window on the façade. Next to the cathedral is the Castillo de San Giusto, in an ideal enclave for its views. Today it is used as an exhibition venue with an armory and a museum.

Roman Theatre

Teatro novel

Throughout Italy you can find places that belonged to the Roman Empire, which lasted several centuries and had a great expansion. On Trieste would not discover this Roman theater from the XNUMXst century AD. C. until the XNUMXth century, due to excavations in the area. This kept it in fairly good condition. Today these remains can be clearly seen in the middle of the street, although they are isolated for their conservation.

Old historic cafes in Trieste

Cafes in Trieste

Trieste is a city that stood out for being a place of politicians and cultural figures. That is why there were many historic cafes that They also acquired the style of those from Vienna, offering various types of coffee and sweets. Today these old cafes are still of interest to those who come to the city since many of them are historical. Some of the ones we should visit are Café San Marcos, Café Torinese or Café Tomaseo.

Trieste museums

In this city there are several museums that can be interesting. The Civic Museum of History and Art and Ortho Lapidary offers us pieces of local archeology that tell us about the history of the city. In addition, we can see other collections of cultures such as the Mayan or the Egyptian. As in many other cities there is a Natural History museum, where we will also find the Civic Library and the Joyce Museum. On the other hand, we have the Museum of Oriental Art dedicated to Chinese and Japanese culture or the Revoltella Museum which is a gallery of modern art.

Risiera di San Sabba

Risiera in Trieste

This is one essential visit for its historical value. Risiera di San Sabba was the only Nazi concentration camp in Italy and in it we can see much of what happened there, personal belongings of the victims and learn about the history of this camp. Where the crematorium for the bodies was located, a monument was erected in their honor, to remember them.

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