Corals, the second great barrier in the world is in Belize

Do you like corals? Just yesterday we were talking about the largest coral reef in the world, one that can be seen even from space and that is the largest living thing on the planet: the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. Well, it is not the only one and luckily you do not have to go that far to be able to dive among such beautiful corals. The second largest barrier reef in the world, in terms of size, is the Great Barrier Reef of Belize.

Belize is a Caribbean state and this barrier is already World Heritage like her older sister. It is different kilometers from the continental coast so while some secrets are really close and others are further away and require a boat trip. Between 40 and 300 meters, more or less. The Belize Barrier Reef is about 300 kilometers long and is home to hundreds of marine species. After all, it is an ecosystem so there are corals of all kinds, fish and invertebrate animals.

These kinds of special places require your care. Imagine that in colonial times, when ships came and went and the Caribbean was a fairly frequented area, nobody cared much about the survival of this wonder. Luckily today we have more ecological awareness and the area is protected with several nature reserves. In any case, ships and cruise ships cause pollution but it is impossible to keep tourism away from this beautiful place. Nobody wants to stop swimming in the famous Blue Hole or step on those wonderful white sand keys where you feel in a blue and white world.

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