Festival of Light in Boimorto

Light festival

Currently it is possible to attend countless music festivals throughout our geography. Some have been important nationally for many years, but others have managed to position themselves in a relatively short time, such as Boimorto Light Festival, which stands out for several reasons.

This time we are going to see where and what the Festival of Light, in addition to the reasons why it is an obligatory appointment that should not be missed. There are many things that make this festival stand out from many others, from its location to its purpose.

History of the Festival of Light

The Festival of Light began in the year 2012 by the hand of the singer Luz Casal. This artist was born in Boimorto, the place chosen to carry out the festival. Since then the festival has been growing and improving, with more renowned artists from the current sphere. But this event was not born as just another performance space, rather it was born with a solidarity purpose to raise funds. It is also a way of highlighting the importance of rural areas and its development, together with the artists' commitment to this rural Galician. Since 2012, a festival has been held every year, during the month of September, on dates that also make it easier to attend the event, since it does not usually coincide with others, something that does happen in summer.

Festival location

Festival of Light

This festival does not take place in big cities or in central places, but takes place in the Boimorto population. This town is located in the province of La Coruña, in the inland area. It is located 44 kilometers from the city of Santiago de Compostela. It is a rural and quiet place, which receives hundreds of visitors during the month of September, becoming the center of attention for the press and those who decide to enjoy the event.

Groups that have played at the festival

Some of the groups that have played in the last edition They are Love of Lesbian, Kase.O, Eskorzo, Os Resentidos, Josele Santiago, Sex Museum, Christina Rosenvinge, Sr. Chinarro, Andrés Suárez, Elliott Murphy with Olivier Durand, Mi Capitán, Seguridad Social, Vargas Blues Band, Javi Maneiro, Furious Monkey House, Agoraphobia, Riff Raff, Marilia Andrés, Nunatak, Chris Barron, Fredi Leis, Monoulious DOP, Rafa Morcego, Los Vinagres, Mordem, Conchita, Rodrigo Mercado, Los Motores Rock de Vigo, Arzúa Music Band, Muscle !, Pelepau, MJ Pérez, Tempo Norte, Santiaguiños de Boimorto, Xoán Curiel, Pandereteiras de Verducido, Zirconita, Dani Barreiro & Friends and Pedro el Granaíno. Previously there have been groups like Mago de Oz or Jarabe de Palo. In each edition you can see in advance the groups that are going to play, so that it is possible to know all the artists to buy tickets.

Festival facilities

Festival of Light

At the festival there is an interesting market area which becomes one of the most interesting places. In the market it is possible to find stalls tasting food or organic and artisan products. There are everything from book signings to demonstrations and show cooking. It is possible to see the itinerary of the festival to know when different shows and tastings can be seen so as not to miss any of them.

In this festival there is room for everyone. Thanks to its facilities and the great variety of artists it is also a place chosen by families to enjoy the day. That is why they have a playground in which the little ones can enjoy. In this area there are games, activities and workshops.

Another entertainment area is the cinema and theater marquee. In this space you can see interesting documentaries, shorts, monologues and theater performances. The Mans Space is a place to talk about entrepreneurship and to attend interesting talks on current affairs.

El Mahou Gastro Space It is a place where you can enjoy various moments of showcooking by leading Galician chefs. A place to try new things in quality cuisine.

Other Galician festivals

Galicia is a place that is increasingly fashionable, and therefore during the summer you can enjoy all kinds of events, festivals and parties. There are many other festivals that may be of interest, and they are usually held during the months of July and August. The Portamérica is a great example, which has moved to the town of Caldas de Reis and offers concerts by the best groups on the national scene. The IVF in Vilalba, Lugo, is usually held in March or April. The Resurrection Fest in Viveiro is a great national benchmark in heavy metal music. The Ortigueira Festival that offers us folk groups and is one of the oldest. O Son do Camiño that is celebrated in O Monte do Gozo in Santiago de Compostela or the Atlantic Fest in Illa de Arousa are other essentials.

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