Fly for the first time

Fly for the first time

There is always a first time for everything and flying was not going to be less. Faced with the possibility of a first flightDepending on the person, certain sensations are experienced: absolute tranquility in the face of such an event, nervousness, panic to fly, dizziness, etc.

As we know that flying for the first time is not always an easy task, at Actualidad Viajes we want to make this experience much more bearable and above all, more aware so that you do not forget anything important and go safely on the trip.

Buy your ticket

To make sure everything goes smoothly, the first time you can delegate this role to a travel agency experienced to take care of all the ticket purchase management. Normally it will be more expensive than if you do it yourself in a 'on-line' But this way at least you make sure you find the correct plane and they will also inform you of everything before flying.

If you go to a destination without a return date, you will only have to buy the one-way ticket. If you go with an approximate but not fixed return date, you have the option of also taking an open return ticket. This allows you to take the plane back that best suits your available days and times. Of course, you must inform yourself before, if there is room for you. If you have a clear and fixed return date, you can buy both a one-way ticket and a return ticket at the same time.

Flying for the first time - Tickets


Ideally, you should only use one suitcase to travel. There are airlines that allow you to carry two suitcases without any added cost, however, most, especially those that are considered airlines 'low cost', they only let transport one more suitcase.

A trick to avoid taking up too much space in suitcases is to wear light clothing, a pair of shoes at most, and to wear the heaviest or warm clothes at the time of the trip. In this way, you make sure to only fill one suitcase and bring warm clothes at the same time in case it is necessary.

In the hand luggage, is the one that will be attached to you during the trip, you will put the most important and fragile utensils, such as your mobile, laptop or tablet in case of need, the camera, etc. Remember that it is forbidden to carry certain utensils such as nail clippers, scissors, tweezers, etc. This list of "prohibited items" is usually specified in each airline agency.

Flying for the first time - Suitcase

Arrival at the airport

Although it may seem outrageous, you must arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before your flight if it is an international flight and about two hours before if it is through your own country. And why so long in advance? Due to the amount of procedures that you will have to carry out once you arrive at the airport: check-in, boarding, immigration and customs, etc.

  • Do not carry no metal When it comes to going through air traffic controls, they can delay you too much.
  • Check the ticket details: This is the time of the flight, the seat number and the boarding gate.
  • Time to do the 'Chek-In': It will only take a couple of minutes (if there is no line). You must present your passport and / or ID at the counter of your airline company, your suitcase will be weighed, you will be given a choice between aisle or window and voila! You will be ready to move on to the next step.
  • Embark: When you give us the boarding pass we can access the areato the airport where We get into the airplaneKeep in mind that once you enter this part of the airport you will not be able to go back outside, so it is time to say goodbye to those who accompanied you to the airport or wait for those other people who will go with you. In the departure lounges you will find the area known as 'Duty free' (commercial establishment of items exempt from tax rates), where you can buy from clothes to alcoholic beverages and nothing you buy there will pay customs taxes. Do not forget that you are in a nobody's zone and therefore tax free.

Flying for the first time - Duty free

  • As the time to go to the plane approaches, go looking for your door or 'gate', found on your boarding pass. Once on the plane, you just have to follow the instructions of the flight attendants and stay calm. If you are very afraid of flying, consider taking some type of pain reliever to stay asleep and / or relaxed throughout the flight.

Flying is fun!

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