Fuciño do Porco in Galicia

Fucino do Porco

With this peculiar name a area on the Galician coast, in the Mariña Lucense. A place that until recently was unknown to many, a point that only the locals enjoyed but that in recent years has become a pilgrimage point due to its great beauty, totally unique. The Fuciño do Porco translated as Pig's Snout is one of those corners of the Galician coast that you fall in love with.

When visit Galicia there are things that we cannot miss and coastal landscapes are one of those things. This place is located on the coast that overlooks the Cantabrian Sea, in the area known as Mariña Lucense in the northern part of the community. But we are going to see a little more of this beautiful point that every day accumulates more visits.

How to get to Fuciño do Porco

Fuciño do Porco in Viveiro

Getting to this point can be straightforward, as there aren't many roads. From As Pontes de García Rodriguez we can take the LU-540 road or LU-862 from Vicedo. They are small roads but they take us where we want to go. The exact point that we see in the photos is only accessible on foot, although the route is not very demanding or very long, so we can do it with children and pets without problem. You have to leave the car in the parking lot indicated for it and simply enjoy that hiking route that takes us to this place.

Fucino do Porco

Although even on the maps we can see this place named like that, the truth is that its real name is Punta Socastro. This area began to have the path that today can be covered without problems for work reasons, since it was the path that the technicians who had to repair the radio beacon at the end of the cape had to do. However, a few years ago and thanks to the power of the Internet to discover new places, some articles put the spotlight on this dream place on the Lugo coast. On in a short time the place became a route that everyone wanted to do, either to enjoy its wild nature, to take a special walk or to take some beautiful photos for social networks. Recently they prepared the path even better with railings to avoid any accident, since the path runs through areas of cliffs that can become treacherous when the weather is not good.

Make the route

Fucino do Porco Galicia

One of the things that is most enjoyed is the great route through this incredible trail. In this place, since the cars do not arrive, you will only hear the sea, the wind and your footsteps. The route is simple and safe today. Of course, there are areas where you have to climb stairs, putting your physical form to the test. The effort is worth it to be able to reach the cape, a place where we can enjoy the immensity of the sea. It is about 3.7 kilometers, something that can take us about two hours back and forth if we take it easy, because it is no wonder. The landscape will leave us surprised by its beauty. You have to know that during the months of July and August due to the increase in visits, you have to book in advance.

Near the Fuciño do Porco


This tour takes us about two hours, but if we go in summer we still have time to see more things up close. There are several beaches, such as Abrela, with showers and a wooden platform as access. It is a perfect beach to spend the day, with services and great waters. We can also go to the town of Viveiro, which has the great beach of Covas.

En Viveiro we can visit what was once a walled city, with several entrance doors of which only three remain today. The best known is that of Carlos V, known as Porta do Castelo da Ponte. The others are the Porta do Balado and Porta da Vila. If we are religious, near the church of Viveiro we find the Lourdes cave, a reproduction of this cave where many people leave their votive offerings, which are wax figures made to make their requests to the Virgin. Already in the Plaza Mayor we can appreciate the beautiful galleries so typical in coastal villas in the north of Galicia, as well as the statue of the poet Pastor Díaz. We can cross the Mercy Bridge to have another vision of the town and link here with the promenade that takes us to Covas beach. If we still have time, we can climb the Monte de San Roque, from which we will have spectacular views of Viveiro. There we will also find some interesting hiking trails.

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