How to choose a travel agency

Travel agency

There are many people who decide choose a travel agency to organize important trips that require a lot of paperwork or searches. If you do not have time to dive into the Internet in search of every detail, it may be a good idea for you to choose a good travel agency that will do all this work for you.

Companies that travel agencies usually know all the details of the destinations, hotels to stay in, excursions and flights. It is a very tempting idea to let them organize our trip, because that way we won't have to worry about anything. But the first step is to choose a good travel agency to help us achieve the desired trip.

Online or face-to-face travel agency

Find an agency

One of the things that we are going to ask ourselves first is if we really want an online travel agency that organizes all the best price for us or we want, on the contrary, a agency that organizes trips in person. Nowadays they can all be reliable, although there are people who prefer to meet face to face with whoever is going to organize their trip. In all cases we can have proof of payments and the possibility of making claims. So choosing an online or face-to-face agency is a matter of choosing what is most comfortable for us or what we like the most.

Look for customer reviews

This is a great asset that the Internet offers us today. We are not going blind with any business, since everywhere there is comments and opinions posted so that we know what the advantages and disadvantages are, the deal or the offers. We must be wary if there are no comments or if they are very scarce, since they could have been added by people from the company itself. In travel forums you can find all kinds of opinions about travel and you will surely find a section for travel agencies. Knowing about other people's experiences can help us choose one or the other depending on the reliability they provide us.

Ask acquaintances

Travel agency

One way to find out about agencies is also use the networks of family and friends, since more than one will have some experience with an agency to tell you. This can be a good way to find a good recommended agency. Although it is a good base, it is always better to take it into account but look for other offers and agencies to be able to make a comparison.

Find an agency adapted to your needs

Although before it was about going to an agency in search of offers, today we find agencies that are specialized in a type of public and in what they like. That is, there is travel agencies specializing in retirees, singles, for women traveling alone or for families. These agencies can offer us interesting things if we are one of these groups.

Search and compare

Do not limit yourself to taking the offers of a single agency, since you can find many more offers in others. Think of a destination or dates, limit yourself to that and search and compare between agencies. You will surely find many ideas from which to choose the trip that you like the most and the agency that offers you the best conditions.

Be aware of the fine print

Travel agency

In many agencies they can organize trips but sometimes they have small print. Things like 'subject to availability' tell us that maybe, at the last moment and if there are no seats left on the flight, we can run out of travel. That is why when dealing with the agency We must look for an offer, a trip and that everything has a fixed price. They have to specify what goes into the trip and under what conditions. From the hotel to the flight, transportation and even travel insurance, since everything counts when going on a trip. We have to know in advance what are the guarantees they offer us to be able to go on a trip in peace, without unforeseen events that may increase the costs of the trip.

Sign when you have everything clarified

You only have to sign an offer when they have clarified all the points and everything that goes into the price of the trip. This way you can avoid last minute surprises. Read well the conditions and what it includes, since sometimes the offers are misleading and by adding costs we reach a price that was not the initial one.

Use the means of complaint and claim

If there is something that you do not agree with or that you have not found right about the agency's performance, you should know that consumer you have the right to claim. You can put a complaint or claim on a form that has to be available to users at the agency's offices or website.

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