How to correctly choose the type of accommodation when traveling


Sometimes we get carried away by the many offers on flights to different places and we think that the trip is already set up, but in reality a trip involves many more things, especially the importance of choosing the right one type of accommodation in which we will be.

Today there are many more options and flexibility than years ago, since we have the usual hotels, hostels, hostels, apartments and even house exchanges. There are many formulas to choose the one that suits us best, but we must always take into account some things, and that is why we give you these tips.

Find accommodation

Nowadays looking for accommodation is really easy, since Internet offers us a thousand possibilities with all kinds of offers. We will find interesting prices on the websites that compare, although it is always good to go to the hotel, apartment or hostel's own website to see if there is any offer for those who hire on the same website, which is very common. The web also allows us to compare prices, see realistic photos of other users and above all have the honest opinions of their visits to get a real idea of ​​what the accommodation can be like. Sometimes it seems that they offer many services but upon arrival the place may not live up to our expectations. This is something that we can save with a little online research on the accommodation in question.

Staying in hotels


Hotels are the lodging par excellence and they have many advantages. They tend to have all kinds of amenities and services that are not found in other accommodations. From all-inclusive restaurants, swimming pools, spa area, gym and many more depending on the type of hotel. The best category is five stars, although we can see hotels with less stars that have great facilities. The comfort of a hotel is its best asset, although prices are usually higher, especially if we want to stay in high season. It is also a great option for families since they usually have children's menus or play areas and even mini-clubs with animation and activities to entertain them.

Staying in hostels


This is an option chosen by the youngest because it is inexpensive, but they usually have few services. You have to be well informed if you are choosing a room with private or shared bathroom, and especially see the comments about the hostel, since some may fail in quality. On the other hand, breakfasts are usually less abundant than in hotels, so it is advisable to go first thing in the morning to enjoy breakfast in the morning.

Rent houses in full

Renting houses in full is usually done in rural settings to enjoy a weekend or vacation with family or groups of friends. We must bear in mind that they will normally ask us for a deposit in case there are damages. It is better to make sure with the owner that there are no damages, so that they do not make us pay them if it is not the case. It is an excellent option to have privacy, although we will have to take care of cleaning almost always. In some houses for a little more price they have cleaning service.

Staying in camping

Camping site

In general, you do not have to book to stay at a campsite unless you go to places that are in high demand. This option is one of the cheapest but we will also have to share bathrooms and spaces. A good option are bungalows for families since they offer the comforts of a small apartment. You have to look at all the conditions, because sometimes they charge separately for parking a car inside the enclosure. In the campsites there are also certain rules so it is better to find out about everything, especially the hours when you can not make noise and that kind of details to avoid surprises.

Staying in apartments

Types of accommodation

This is an option that is becoming more and more popular, especially among young people. At Airbnb we have a page where people rent their apartments, so they offer some great prices. Sometimes we even find apartments in ideal locations to see a city, so it is a good idea to stop by. Although some people may be suspicious, this page is usually very reliable. You send your proposal to rent the apartment and the owner contacts you to find out more about you and confirm or not the reservation depending on what you are looking for. You also have time to cancel the reservation at no cost. In this type of apartment it is good to ask the owner about everything in the apartment, if he has towels and sheets and those kinds of things that may be important.

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