How to get an emergency passport?

Although we have prepared a trip in advance to avoid unforeseen events, sometimes something sudden can happen that threatens to ruin our plans. An example is the repeated loss or theft of the passport shortly before taking that plane that will take us to the vacation of our dreams.

Faced with a situation like this, what can we do? Easy: get an emergency passport as quickly as possible.

Emergency passport in Spain

In Spain to request a new passport through the common procedure it is necessary to make an appointment and bring the old one. However, those who need one urgently while in the country there are two possible scenarios:

If there are still several days to fly

In the event that there is still a margin of days before flying, you can request an appointment by phone (060), on the web or go to the dispatch office in the nearest area. first thing in the morning to request an emergency passport.


  • Present DNI
  • Submit a passport-size photo
  • File the police report in case of having been stolen or lost
  • Deliver original and photocopy of the plane ticket to check the departure date
  • Pay the renewal fee. Only cash is accepted.

Apply for passport and visa

If you need a passport for the same day

In the event that you need a passport to travel the same day that you have to take the plane, in the special offices of the Madrid or Barcelona airports they will be able to issue an emergency passport.

The requirements to get a new passport at these offices are to fly that same day or before 10 am the following day. These offices only issue emergency passports for Spaniards, while foreigners must go to the embassy of their country. They also do not issue visas.

Other requirements:

  • Present DNI
  • Present boarding pass or electronic ticket
  • Present a passport photograph
  • Pay fees (25 euros)

These special offices can be found on floor 2 of T4 in Barajas and in T1 of El Prat Airport.

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Emergency passport abroad

Losing your passport abroad or having it stolen is one of the most stressful situations that we can find ourselves in on vacation.

In this case, the first thing to do is go to the police and report it. Then you should go to the Spanish embassy or consulate so that they can issue you a temporary passport that allows you to return to Spain. Once there, you will have to apply for a new passport.

How to get a passport for the first time

As complementary information, In case we want to get the passport for the first time, we must know that the procedures are not very different from those requested in the previous cases. In this case you also have to make an appointment.

  • Original birth certificate issued by the Civil Registry with a validity of less than 6 months and that is issued for the purposes of obtaining the passport.
  • Recent passport size photograph on plain white background.
  • Photocopy of DNI
  • Pay passport fees in cash

What are the best passports to travel?

Having a passport is not always a guarantee that you can visit another country as it depends on how many bilateral agreements the country of origin has with other nations. In this way, some passports will be better to travel than others because with it, more doors are opened at immigration windows or at airport security controls.

According to London-based consultancy Henley & Partners, a country's ability to obtain visa exemption is a reflection of its diplomatic relations with other countries. Likewise, visa requirements are also determined by visa reciprocity, visa risks, security risks, and violations of immigration rules.

These are the countries that have a passport with which you have the best facilities to travel abroad:

  • Singapore 159
  • Alemania 158
  • Sweden and South Korea 157
  • Denmark, Italy, Japan, Spain, Finland, France, United Kingdom and Norway 156
  • Luxembourg, Portugal, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland and Austria 155
  • United States, Ireland, Malaysia and Canada 154
  • New Zealand, Australia and Greece 153
  • Iceland, Malta and Czech Republic 152
  • Hungría 150
  • Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, Slovenia and Slovakia 149
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