How to plan a trip for seniors

Senior travel

We have already talked to you about how to prepare trips with your pet, or with small children and as a family, but it is also important to know prepare a trip for seniors, since many of us can find offers so that the oldest of the house can go on a trip, but we must prepare their trip in detail.

Companies that older people go on a trip otherwise, and seek other different destinations. Cultural activities, small scheduled excursions or relaxation options are the things that they most often look for, so it is important to know what are the things they will want to do during the trip to plan it completely.

Destinations for seniors

Senior travel

There are destinations that are designed for families, others for young people and there are also those that are typical places for older people to enjoy. In a destination of this type, easy access, activities adapted for the elderly and places that can be seen without walking too much should be sought. In general, visits to European cities are a great idea. They have a great cultural offer, with places to rest and also with a good transport system so that they can move easily.

Another option for older people is the complete rest. A beach destination at an all-inclusive hotel can be a great option. They will not worry about anything and can enjoy days at the beach. There are many hotels that offer from accommodation to full board and transportation to go to nearby places.

Un cruise may be another option great for older people. They are in a place where they have all kinds of services and staff to ask for everything they need. With medical service, shops and activities designed for all ages. In addition, they will be able to enjoy the scheduled excursions when they arrive at the destinations on land, so everything will be fully planned.

Prepare the trip

The best option for seniors is traveling in a group. Normally on these trips they don't have to search for places or worry about finding a restaurant to eat or transportation to get to the hotel. If we want to give an elderly person a great trip, the best thing is that they are trips that are already fully programmed. This way they will have the activities already planned, the places to visit and staff that will take care of all the small details and procedures so that they do not worry about anything.

In travel agencies there is this type of scheduled trips, and another option is the cruises, in which there are also prepared activity programs and excursions. If we want them to go on their own, we can always look for flights, transportation and accommodation. A few scheduled visits can be arranged and let our seniors discover the rest for themselves.

When preparing the entire trip we must also take into account the Health insurance. That they have health coverage for what could happen and give them a list of telephones to call in case of emergency wherever they go. If they take medication, always remember to bring everything they need.

Excursions for seniors

Senior activities

Within the trips it is good to have some planned excursion that may be of interest. These excursions must have everything prepared, from the schedule to the transport and they must be excursions that are in accordance with the physical possibilities of the elderly. An excursion to a nearby area to see something and get around by bus is usually the most used option.

Activities for seniors

Activities for the elderly can also be very varied. Both enjoy a delicious regional food, if they do not have dietary restrictions, such as taking a cultural visit to the city's museums. A musical, a play or enjoying a typical show are activities that can be planned and found for you to enjoy during your trip. There are many activities that you can do, even some more fun, from hiking trails, always taking into account your possibilities and your tastes.

Accommodation for the elderly

In accommodation for the elderly they are usually sought hotels with all inclusive in which there are all kinds of services. The rooms must be accessible by elevator, and it is better that the bathroom have a walk-in shower or adapted bathrooms in case they have reduced mobility. It's good that they have a 24-hour staffed reception in case they might feel unwell. In some hotels you can even enjoy 24-hour medical service, so it can be an interesting service when looking for accommodation for the elderly. They can also have full board, with a buffet-style kitchen to enjoy a large number of options, so that they can continue to take care of themselves even on vacation.

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