How to share a car to travel for less

Share the car

El car is one of the fastest and easiest ways we have to get from one place to another, without having to wait for public transport that doesn't exactly go everywhere. That is why it is increasingly common to find different ways to share a car on trips, whether on long or short trips.

Car sharing has its pros and cons, but without a doubt it is very clear that this idea can help us to reduce a lot the budget of a trip. If we want to travel sharing a vehicle we have to have some idea of ​​where to look in order to enjoy this advantage.

Advantages of car sharing

Share the car

Nowadays everyone has a car, but when we travel we may arrive at a place where we will have to move and we do not have one. This is when we think about the different possibilities we have. From renting a vehicle to taking a taxi or depending on public transport, which is not effective in all countries or areas. However, it is more and more frequent that several people get together to share a car and share expenses at the same time.

One of the great advantages of car sharing is that it is something more ecological. That is to say, between several people a displacement is shared and several cars are not used, which would lead to a greater emission of gas into the atmosphere. On the other hand, diesel has increasingly higher prices, so this can help us save money when traveling. This way we can also avoid having to rent a car with the consequent added expense that this entails.

Another thing that is a great advantage when sharing a car is the experience we enjoy. It is possible to meet all kinds of people. Sometimes it is even about people who live in that place and who can advise us on places to see or places to eat.

Car sharing apps

Car to share

Today we do not have to go crazy hiring services to be able to share a car. With the applications, everything is easier, from renting a flat to getting posters translated, making travel much easier. In this case we will talk about some of the top rated car sharing apps. It is important to do it through a platform that guarantees us reliability, since it is also a service.


Without a doubt this is one of the most popular platforms, which was also a pioneer in our country when it came to bringing people together to share a car. Using this application is very simple. You must first search for the trip you want to do in order to see which drivers are available to do it. Once these drivers appear, you will be able to see their profile. If they are habitual of this service they will have opinions of other clients, which will make it easier for us to get an idea of ​​what they are like.

The next step is choose the driver and pay the fee for the trip. In the event that the driver cancels the trip, they will refund the full money. Once you have the trip, you will receive the number of the driver so that you can contact him and finalize details about the trip. The last step is to take the trip and enjoy it. This is an easy-to-use platform that also has many drivers due to its popularity, making it one of the most reliable.


Share the car

This service is a bit different. It is not about sharing a car that belongs to someone else. Actually in this app you can rent a car for two euros an hour and look for people to be able to share it, so that the rent and the journey are much cheaper. It is a great idea for places like cities, where there are many people who want to travel for less without taking into account public transport. In principle, it is a service designed only for cities such as Madrid or Barcelona, ​​with the cars available in these large cities.


This application is also very useful if we have been stranded somewhere and need to travel quickly but do not have a car rental or public transport at hand. In Viajest we can see the transports available at a certain time to be able to choose them, as if we were ordering a taxi. A journey is not booked in advance, as we would with BlaBlaCar, so it is a great idea for when we need a car immediately.


Travel by car

This is another app with a slightly different concept. It is possible to rent a car but not from the typical companies that charge us for each item. In this case it is rent a car from a private individual or cars that are nearby, and it is not limited to cities. In this way we can easily move around a place with a car that will not be so expensive.

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