Keys to saving traveling

Savings when traveling

Traveling is not precisely a cheap luxury, so any help we have when starting and embark on our adventureIt will be welcome… In this article we want to offer you the same and thus give you some keys to save while traveling. Some more than others seem very obvious, but when traveling we do not usually fall into them, so pay close attention because we assure you that you will save a good pinch.

5 ways to save while traveling

Choose flights with stopovers

Although it is much more comfortable to travel with direct flights from one point to another, it is undoubtedly cheaper to do so in a scaled way. When choosing your flights, whether you do it in an agency (ask the clerk), or if you do it yourself through a website, take a good look at whether there is the same destination from our chosen airport with stopovers that come out cheaper. Normally it is like this,… The problem with saving in this way is that on many occasions, make a stopover, it takes us a few hours of waiting at the airport or it is in quite untimely hours (early morning or early tomorrow)

Even so, if you don't mind waiting a while and not getting up early either, this is one of the most popular ways to save by many travelers.

Stopover flights

Travel in low season

Sure you all know by now, but just in case: What is low season? It is that annual period in which traveling to a specific destination is much cheaper than if we did it in the middle season or high season. We give you an example:

Traveling to any destination with a beach will be low season if we do it in autumn, winter or spring than if we do it in the middle of summer. Likewise, traveling to a rural destination, inland, will be a low season if we do it in summer or spring than if we do it in autumn and / or winter, which is considered high season.

With that said and understood, you can save quite a bit by doing it this way. It is true that we cannot swim on the beach in the middle of winter as we would in summer, but if you like the coastal site for many reasons other than the beach, it is better that you do it in low season because the savings are quite a lot. considerable.

Objectives of the trip

Prioritize and be clear the objectives for which we make a trip Specifically, it makes it quite easy for us not only to save money, but also to schedule the trip. If we make a trip to the mountains and what we like is hiking, we will look for routes, for example, in which we do not need guides ... Or we will also save in certain cheaper bars and restaurants that we will find in the destination to use the money in those things that we have gone to visit.

Write down in a notebook the reason or reasons why you want to make that trip and look for information in Internet on the costs of each visit you want to make in the chosen place. This will help you to discard the "less important" ones and raise the necessary and exact money so as not to waste on unnecessary things or visits.

Private room before apartment, and apartments before hotel


If you want to save once you have stepped on your chosen ground, the best way to do it is by staying in a private room of the many that are offered on different sites Internet (Airbnb, Milanuncios, etc.). Private rooms are provided by the owners of the home (who will live with you at the time of your trip) and their cost is not usually high.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a little more privacy, but you do not want to spend so much in a hotel, the best thing is undoubtedly to choose an apartment, house, flat, which are also offered in this type of place. You will pay as in a hotel, per night of stay, but with the added convenience that it will be a whole house for you (with its different rooms) and a kitchen to be able to eat ourselves (with this we would also save by not eating out) .

Free visits at the destination

Once you are in the chosen place, a good way to save money is to carry out the visits to museums, cultural houses and others you visit the days where this service is free. To do this, it is best to find out in advance by calling the telephone numbers of these places or visiting their websites if you have them.

We hope we have been of great help and good luck with the savings! By the way, nothing better than saving at the beginning of the year for those trips that we want to make.

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