Living in London, recommended?


London is not only the capital of the United Kingdom but one of the most important cities in the world both from an economic, political and social point of view. In it, the characteristics of English culture are mixed with modernity and multiculturalism typical of the XNUMXst century. All this contributes to millions of people wanting to visit it and even stay there for a while to live new and exciting experiences.

Many Spaniards choose London as their main destination to spend a few days of rest abroad, but also as a work or academic destination, either to improve their curriculum or their English. Now, London is a complex city very different from the big Spanish cities, is it advisable to live in London? We rate it below.

Learn English

In learning a new language, it is essential to put it into practice frequently to become fluent and communicate properly. There is nothing like immersing yourself in another culture and language to end up mastering it. This is what happens with the language of Shakespeare and that is why thousands of Spaniards pack their bags every year to perfect their level in London.

Since you have to constantly strive to make yourself understand with the natives, it is the best way to improve and progress. Even if it is for a short period of time, if you move to London you will see how you even begin to speak with a certain British leave.

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Work in london

A good level of English will open many more doors for you at work, both in your country and in London itself. If you speak it well you can find a job quickly but if not, you will probably have to spend a while working on something that you don't like too much. as it can be in hospitality or cleaning. It may not be ideal for you but you start with something. It will also allow you to practice the language with your co-workers and improve your conversation.

Another common job is that of au pair, that is, babysitting and doing housework for accommodation, food and a minimum weekly pay.

If your level of English is good, you can look for an office job or something related to your sector. Don't worry if you can't find the ideal job at first, focus on improving your English and gaining experiences. That is always highly valued in all companies.

Improve your career

Another advantage of working in London is that you can improve your professional career since working in a city with these characteristics opens many doors in Spain and the rest of the world. In addition, if you manage to obtain a good position that is well paid, you will be able to save and live with peace of mind during your stay. This also brings more possibilities of promotion because in economic and labor matters, the situation is easier in the United Kingdom than in Spain.

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Leave the comfort zone

A perfect example of getting out of our comfort zone is venturing into the unknown, as that is where extraordinary things can happen. Staying working in that job you hate just because it has a good schedule instead of looking for a new one even abroad is setting yourself up in your comfort zone.

Is it advisable to live in London? Of course yes. When you have the opportunity to do something new that can bring you benefits in some way (be it work, intellectual or social) and you decide to do it, you are leaving your comfort zone and that's where the magic happens. What are you waiting for?

Meeting people from other places

Living in a cosmopolitan city like London is a great advantage since you can meet a lot of people from different countries, which is a very positive experience because it opens your mind. about other cultures, gastronomy, music ... and it allows you to grow as a person. In the British capital there is a wide range of bars and venues where you can meet new people and open your social circle.

However, it is true that interacting with English people costs a little more but once you establish contact you can have a friend for life.

Free British Museum in London

Money to live in London

Each person is different and your chances of living for a long period in London will depend on the job you can get there and the savings you have, well, let's not fool ourselves, this city is quite expensive. At first you will have to make several sacrifices to stretch your savings because finding a job within days of arriving is not something that happens quickly. Try to save as much as possible to avoid financial hardship.

Many leisure plans

A city as big as London offers a wide variety of leisure plans for both tourists and residents. Museums, theaters, football, concerts, monuments, shopping avenues, bars and more bars ... Plan well what you want to do in your free time as there is so much to choose from.

However, there are many activities whose price is high, such as theaters or musicals, so you have to be attentive to the free plans that may take place in the city so as not to ruin ourselves when going out.

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