Mars on Earth: Riotinto Mining Park

If you want to enjoy a different adventure that will not leave you indifferent, never better said, perhaps you could write down in your agenda of possible future trips the mines of Riotinto and all its area, in Huelva.

Next, we leave you a series of characteristics and singularities that this peculiar river of rust-colored water keeps and a series of places around the area that you can go to if you are nearby.

A red river

A red river, a landscape shaped by the hand of man, a railway that crosses places that seem taken from another planet, the footprint of the British culture… To know the history of the Riotinto region is to enter 5.000 years of mining work, to discover a unique and singular landscape that will not leave you indifferent.

El Riotinto Mining Park offers you the possibility of exploring that history through 5 visiting points that you will find in the area: The Mina Romana Mining and Reproduction Museum, the Victorian House No. 21, the Peña de Hierro mine and the Mining Tourist Railway.

A unique set in its characteristics in Spain endorsed by numerous awards throughout its history. A different plan for the whole family, in a region with a wide range of restaurants so that you can spend a full day in the heart of the land.

What can you visit?

Mining Museum «Ernest Lluch»

Walking through its rooms, we will delve into the mining history that for 5000 years has shaped the landscape of this unique territory. Railway elements and mining tools, historical archeology and an impressive recreation of a Roman mine are some of the contents that we will find in this museum.

House No. 21 English Quarter of Bella Vista

It constitutes the ethnographic section of the Mining Museum, taking care of even the smallest detail, your visit will make us travel back in time and learn about the lifestyle of the staff of the Rio Tinto Company Limited, their hobbies and the customs of the area.

Peña de Hierro Mine

The visit to Peña de Hierro allows us to enter an authentic mine, crossing a mining gallery dressed in helmets we will access an impressive view of the open pit of Peña de Hierro, an enclave where the Tinto river is born and the investigations are carried out by of scientists from INTA (National Institute of Aerospace Technology) and NASA.

Mining Tourist Railway

Undoubtedly the best way to get to know the landscapes and contrasts that the mining region of Riotinto offers. In original wagons and machines, we will make a unique route accompanying the flow of the Tinto river, with an intermediate stop where we will arrive at its same shore. The scientific community has defined as "Mars on Earth" to this unique handmade landscape.

Huelva, its surroundings

And if you are in the Riotinto area and you want get to know a little about Huelva and its surroundings, some of the must-see sites are the following:

  • Rio Tinto dock.
  • River walk.
  • Shrine of the Cinta.
  • The Conquero.
  • Moret Park.
  • La Merced Cathedral.
  • Monument to the Discovery Faith.
  • Odiel marshes.
  • Nuns Square.
  • Andalusia Avenue.
  • Aracena and its mountains.
  • Fog and its castle.
  • Almonte and the village of Rocío.
  • The coastal towns such as Punta Umbría, Isla Cristina, Matalascañas, El Rompido, Ayamonte, etc.
  • Its wonderful beaches, most of which are extensive white sand and almost all of them are Blue Flag.

Huelva has a lot to offer, both in its mountains and on its coast, as well as in the city itself. In addition, another point very in favor that speaks of it is that last year it was the Gastronomic Capital (this year it is León) and that it is eaten super well in many of its restaurants and tapas bars that we can find: ham, prawns from Huelva, Strawberries, Condado wines, fried cuttlefish, and an endless number of brand-name products that you have to taste if you go through it.

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