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When planning a trip, there are many things we have in mind: accommodation, activities, transportation, luggage ... However, something that we do not usually repair is the unforeseen events that we could have during the holidays. As in other aspects of life, on a trip being forewarned is synonymous with tranquility. Facing unforeseen bills can become a headache if we are unfortunate enough to have a medical need while on vacation or have a mishap.

Having some type of medical insurance is advisable especially if we travel outside of Europe since, in many countries, a night of hospitalization can be around € 10.000. Next, we are going to tell you the reasons for taking out medical insurance for travel and what it includes. 

Card insurance

As long as they are used to buy airline tickets, all credit cards include travel insurance in their own right. However, it is advisable to check their coverage as they are usually very basic. For example, the Classic VISA only covers € 9.000 of medical expenses, which is insufficient for any average accident. It is from the platinum versions that the coverage begins to be more interesting for travelers.


What does the medical insurance for travel include?

Normally, travel medical insurance includes the following basic coverages:

  • Medical attention in case of accidents.
  • Emergency medical care.
  • Hospitalization expenses, tests performed, medications, etc.

In addition, in many insurance companies it is possible to contract certain extra coverage for your medical insurance to travel, for example.

  • Coverage in case of loss of luggage or cancellation of the trip.
  • Repatriation in case of illness, accident or death.
  • Emergency evacuation.
  • Legal assistance.

Why buy health insurance?

Many people regret not having taken out medical insurance before their trip when faced with a medical emergency abroad. Since medical treatment and hospitalization costs in most countries have to be borne by the patient and can be very expensive, it is advisable to take out medical insurance that during the trip they have full coverage in the event of illness or accident, including evacuation by medicalized plane, as, as an example, the transfer of a sick person by plane of these characteristics from the United States can cost around 50.000 euros! And not having insurance can spell ruin.

Furthermore, If you plan to visit several countries during your getaway, it is important that you check that the insurance has coverage in all of them, even in stopovers and short stays. Likewise, you have to confirm that the insurance contracted covers all the activities that you are going to do during the trip, including those that are considered risky such as paragliding, diving or kite-surfing. In addition, activities related to the world of motoring usually require specific coverage (raids, rallies, driving jet skis and snow, etc.) as well as mountain activities such as mountaineering.

European sanitary card

In general, health care abroad is not covered by private health insurance in Spain or by the Spanish Social Security or by the policy that is contracted with the credit card when buying a plane ticket.

For this reason, it is convenient to have medical insurance to travel that can be supplemented with the European Health Insurance Card. that Spaniards can get for free by going to any Social Security center to have the same rights as residents of the country of destination when using their public health.

Travel insurance without duplication

Before contracting travel insurance, it is advisable to review the coverages that our other policies may include, such as health or accidents, since sometimes these insurances also offer coverage abroad. However, it is convenient to look at the limitations since, for example, in the case of health policies with assistance outside Spanish borders, the maximum economic limit is approximately 12.000 euros and when the trip is not more than 3 months.

Travel insurance in your language

It may be seen as a minor issue but it is more important than it seems. Whatever the insurance coverage, the fact of calling and being attended in your own language when you find yourself in a difficult moment gives you peace of mind and the assurance that you will be treated in the most indicated place in the most correct way.

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