Naturist beaches in Malaga

Guadalmar Beach

Hen/Stag naturist beaches in Malaga are among the busiest in all Andalusia. Like most of those who belong to the Costa del SolThey have fine white sand and crystal clear waters. But, above all, they are in an area that has more than three hundred days of sunshine a year and very warm temperatures.

On the other hand, the main municipalities of the province of Malaga They have a nudist beach. As you will see, you have them in Estepona, riding a Benalmádena or in Marbella. And their beauty and quality, together with the benefits of the climate, make them visited by tourists from all over Europe. If you like nudism, we are going to show you the main naturist beaches in Malaga.

Guadalmar Beach

Guadalmar Beach

Guadalmar, one of the most beautiful naturist beaches in Malaga

It is located eight kilometers from the center of Málaga, in the urbanization of the same name. Due to its location, it may be the mixed beach most popular of all the Costa del Sol. It is about four hundred meters long and has moderate waves. In addition, abundant vegetation surrounds it, which contributes to giving users some privacy.

As we have told you, it's mixed. This means that it has a part dedicated to nudism and another for people with bathing suits. It also has different services such as rental of hammocks and umbrellas and a beach bar. However, the entire town Guadalmar offers you numerous bars and restaurants, as well as hotels. It even has a magnificent golf course and several shopping centers.

On the other hand, since it is so close to the center of Málaga, if you visit it, you can take the opportunity to get to know the beautiful capital of the Costa del Sol a little better. Founded by the Phoenicians in the XNUMXth century before Christ, the city has historical remains such as the Roman Theatre and the spectacular Alcazaba muslim. But we also advise you to visit the Cathedral of the Incarnation, basically Renaissance, although it includes Baroque elements.

Its most popular artery is the Marques de Larios street, with its buildings built according to the chicago-style. But you can also see other modernists like the Sweden and Fernanda towns o bougainvillea. Likewise, they abound in the city palaces such as those of Salinas, Buenavista or Villalón. Finally, do not forget to visit museums such as the one dedicated to Picasso, Carmen Thyssen or Pompidou Center.

Artola Beach

Artola Beach

Artola or Cabopino Beach

Among the naturist beaches in Malaga, this one is within the municipality of Marbella, in the protected area called Dunes of Artola. It is also known as cabopino beach. It has an approximate extension of one thousand two hundred meters and is mixed. Normally, naturists are found in the most virgin part, although you can see them all over the beach. It also has several services and a few years ago it was awarded the distinction of Blue flag.

Exactly, very close you have the Cabopino Marina and Thieves Tower, built in Muslim times to defend the coast. The same function had Royal River Tower, very close to the archaeological site of the same name, dating from Phoenician times.

For its part, the Residential City Free Time it responds to the garden city concept developed in the context of modern architecture. It has almost two hundred single-family houses and service buildings such as the restaurant, the health center or the church. But, as its name suggests, it also has sports facilities and gardens. The complex, the work of the architects Manuel Aymerich y Angel Cadarso, was built between 1956 and 1963.

Almayate Beach, the largest among the naturist beaches in Malaga

Almayate Beach

Almayate Beach in Vélez-Málaga

We now come to the largest sandbank among the naturist beaches in Malaga, since it is almost three thousand meters long by thirty wide. Despite its large size, you will like it because it is quite isolated and almost virgin. However, it has several services such as toilets and showers.

You also have some beach bars nearby. In fact, next to it you have the Almanat campsite, which is also a naturist and even offers you bungalows. As for its sand, it is dark in color and its waves are moderate. For all these reasons, if you like to practice nudism, we recommend this beach.

Because, in addition, it is located in a privileged environment. Very close is the Bull Rock, so called because it preserves one of the few figures of the famous Osborne bull that remain in Spain. No less spectacular are the Almayate quarries, from which the stone was extracted to build the cathedral of Malaga. Very close, also, you have the defensive towers of Manganeta and Jaral, one circular and the other rectangular, but both dedicated to defending the coast.

Greater attractions offers you Vélez-Málaga, in whose municipal area is the beach. Its old town is listed as Historic Artistic Set. It is made up of two opposing hills. In one of them are the remains of the old muslim fortress and church of Santa María la Mayor, which combines Gothic and Mudejar elements. For its part, on the other hill are the Hermitage of the Remedies and the neighborhoods of suburb of San Sebastian and the Villa, with its small white houses.

Among the civil monuments of Vélez, we also advise you to see the Real and Antequera gates, vestiges of the old wall; the strong house of the Marquis or Larios and Cervantes houses. In turn, the beniel palace dates from the beginning of the XNUMXth century, the same century in which the old San Juan de Dios Hospital. More modern are the old Pósito, since it dates back to the XNUMXth century, and Villa Mercedes, a regionalist and neo-Mudejar jewel from the end of the XNUMXth century. The old railway station is also part of this architectural trend.

Pine Cove

Pine Cove

Aerial view of Cala del Pino

In our tour of the naturist beaches in Malaga, we now move to the beautiful town of Nerja to tell you about Cala del Pino. You will find it on the outskirts of this village, on the road that goes to Almunecar. It is about three hundred and fifty meters long and is usually not very crowded. Perhaps this is due to the fact that, to get there, you have to travel about two hundred meters of steep path. However, after this, you will find a beautiful beach with clean and crystal clear waters and also a lot of tranquility.

Although, in reality, it is two coves separated by a large rock that is easily surrounded at low tide and also bathing when it is high. It is also ideal for diving because of its underwater rocks.

On the other hand, if you visit this beach, we cannot help but recommend that you do the same with the famous Cueva de Nerja, which is very close to it. Impressive are its rooms, with its stalactites and stalagmites. For example, those of Bethlehem, the Cataclysm or the Pillars of Hercules. But also their paintings, dated about twenty thousand years ago, although other studies give them forty-two thousand years old.

Likewise, since you are in Nerja, visit the church of the savior, which combines Baroque and Mudejar styles. It integrates the religious architecture of the town together with the church of wonders and hermitage of Las Angustias. As for the civil heritage, you have the famous Balcony of europe, with its impressive views of the Costa del Sol; the Aqueduct of the Eagle, built in the XNUMXth century, and the old sugar mill of San Antonio Abad.

sea ​​beach

sea ​​beach

Marina beach in Mijas

No less advisable than the previous one is this beach located in the town of Mijas, more specifically in El Chaparral. It is about nine hundred meters long by sixteen wide and has dark sand. Its seabed is rocky and it is located in an almost virgin area, so it offers you a lot of calm. In fact, it is surrounded by greenery and is only accessible on foot. For all these reasons, this beach is considered one of the quietest on the entire coast of Malaga.

On the other hand, if you decide to choose this sandbank among the naturist beaches in Malaga, you have to visit the beautiful town of Mijas Town. It receives this name in opposition to the most modern and touristic one on the coast and is located on the slopes of the Sierra of Mijas. It stands out for its narrow streets framed by white houses adorned with flowers, but also for its many monuments.

Among these, it is very important Immaculate Conception Parish Church, built in the XNUMXth century on the remains of an old mosque, the Mudejar tower was used as a bell tower. It also highlights the church of san sebastian, from the same period, and the hermitage of the Virgen de la Peña. The latter consists of a cave excavated in the rock and a sacristy built later. The religious heritage of Mijas Pueblo is completed by the Hermitages of Calvario and San Antón, both from the XVIII.

Regarding the civil architecture of the Malaga town, famous for its donkey taxi, precisely highlights the Plaza of the Virgin of the Rock, where these have their stop and where the Town hall. You can also tour the Walk of the Walls, which runs through beautiful gardens and offers spectacular views. Also, in the Compas Cave can you see a old flour mill with its original mechanism.

Mijas Town

View of Mijas Pueblo

Although, if we are talking about curiosities, the Museum of Miniatures is based in a wagon and has some as impressive as the reproduction of The Last Supper in a grain of rice. Also interesting are Ethnographic Museum and Center for Contemporary Art, which houses paintings by Picasso y Dalí.

Equally original is the bullring, with an oval shape and a single grandstand, which is one of the smallest in the world. Finally, in the New Tower of Cala del Moral Do you have the Interpretation Center of the Watchtowers. In this, you will be able to know the history of these fortifications created to defend the coast and, in general, the past of Mijas.

In conclusion, we have shown you some of the naturist beaches in Málaga. However, you have other spaces to practice nudism. For example, the coquettish beach of benalnatura in Benalmádena or the one in cowboy creek in Estepona. Get to know them and tell us about your experience.

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