Practical tips for safe and secure travel

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We are all clear that traveling is a real pleasure, but also, on the way or during the stay, we can have small incidents or some setbacks that can spoil our best vacations. A good planning and the ability to prevent the unpredictable allow us to avoid last minute unpleasant surprises and make our trip as comfortable and pleasant as we want.

Next we are going to give you a series of practical tips for safe and secure travel. Notes!

Borders and customs

Although there are more and more facilities to move from one country to another, customs and borders are still one of those situations that makes every traveler uneasy and uncomfortable. When traveling to European countries we do not have much problem, since they will only request the National Identity and a little more. The problem comes when we want to go to the US or China, for example. The best in these cases is find out in advance what documents we must bring and accredit. This type of information is available at any travel agency, or for more security, at the Consulate or Embassy of the country in question that we want to visit.

As for customs, you must control the number of them you will meet on your trip. The currency issue also usually gives the odd headache.

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Rent a car

If our trip is by train or boat and the stay in our destination is going to be long, perhaps it is interesting to rent a vehicle in the place we go, since it costs a lot cheaper and more profitable than taking your own vehicle at an additional cost.

Vehicle rental can be done from our own home through large companies that manage this type of service, so as soon as we reach our destination, we have the car, motorcycle or caravan that we have rented without the need to wait. Of course, make sure you have a valid driver's license and all the appropriate documentation.

Medical assistance

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Normally, in hotels there is usually an emergency medical service. If you are not staying in a hotel, you should know that there is an agreement by which members of the Spanish Social Security receive medical assistance in any country of the European Union. To do this, you must present the health card and preferably the European form E 11 or equivalent, which is provided at any SS inspection center and is valid for three months.

Likewise, if you have a private company policyThis can cover you in any eventuality abroad, depending on the conditions of your insurance contract.

The climate

The weather is one of the points that you have to be clear about before traveling anywhere, for two logical reasons:

  • Can choose the most suitable time of year to make that trip.
  • If the above is not possible, let you know with what kind of conditions will you encounter and thus take the necessary precautions.

The clothing you choose when organizing your luggage (coats, umbrellas, swimsuits, etc.) will depend mainly on this.

If you want a totally viable information on the climate that you will find in your destination, the best and safest thing is the travel and tourism guides. They usually have fairly reliable data.

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La citizen insecurity it has become in recent years a common plague in almost all cities and countries. Whatever your destination, you must exercise your usual safety standards. Airports, train stations or areas where there are large crowds are places where something unsafe could be seen.

In night hours, avoid especially those areas that you do not know, the most problematic neighborhoods of the city you are visiting and especially the lonely places.

If you park your vehicle somewhere, avoid leaving suitcases or any other object in sight. Never leave the ignition key on and while driving or stopping at traffic lights have the doors locked.

Tarjetas de crédito

El increasingly universal use This convenient payment system makes it especially useful when it comes to sightseeing. Although most credit cards have almost universal validity, it would be advisable to inquire at your bank or savings bank prior to your trip if you want to use it at your destination.

In case of loss or theftYou must act as quickly as when you are in your city of origin, to avoid possible irreparable damage.

Travel agencies

If you are thinking of making a trip soon under the conditions of a travel agency you should keep in mind the following points that should appear in your brochures:

  • Legal identification of the organizer of the trip.
  • Look carefully at the services that are included in the contract (food, accommodation, transportation, etc.) as well as those that are excluded.
  • The total price of the trip, to avoid surprises.
  • In the event that it is a promotion (Christmas, Easter, etc.), it must be clearly specified what its validity is.
  • The steps that must be taken to reserve travel seats.
  • The general conditions of the trip.
  • The policy that the client must pay in case of renouncing the trip.

We hope these tips are useful for you when traveling. Having good information prior to the trip, as well as organizing and planning everything before leaving is essential to avoid setbacks. Do not forget!

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