Prepare your plans in the snow with children

Snow with children

The season of going to enjoy the snow with children. It may not be the first time, or it may be your debut in this type of vacation, but above all, when going as a family and with children, we must be cautious. It is important to take into account everything that we must take, because the weather conditions are adverse, but also where we can go and what we are going to find.

It is not the same to go to the snow alone than to go with children, and with them you have to think about activities that they like to all, or that they are special for the infantile public. In general, in all ski resorts there are ideas for the little ones, but of course there are some more prepared than others for this type of public.

Plan your getaway: gear

Snow with children

We must be well equipped with special clothing for snow and warm clothes. Nowadays it is easy to find snow clothes in sports stores, with jackets that protect from cold and humidity, thermal t-shirts and pants, socks, gloves and hats. If we are going to go to the snow every year, or we live in a cold place, it is worth investing in quality clothing. Be that as it may, it is better to choose special clothes for snow, to prevent them from catching moisture and children from getting cold.

As for the material, it is always better to opt for the multipurpose skis, which adapt to all types of terrain. As for the boots, it all depends on whether we are beginners or we already know the world of skiing. If we do not know, it is always better to let us advise the seller or the place where the equipment is rented. In the ski resort itself there are places to rent all the equipment. In the measurement of the boots, the length in centimeters of the foot is taken into account, so it is better to measure them before. Don't forget your helmet and goggles. Do not forget either the sun protection, very important in the snow with sunny days.

Snow parks and nurseries

Children in the snow

Although the family wants to fully enjoy the snow, a great idea for children to learn with monitors and have fun with other children is that of the kindergartens and snow parks. There are usually them in all ski resorts and in these places some classes are generally taught to start the little ones in skiing for a few hours. Day care centers where they don't bother to start their snow experience should be avoided, as this is precisely what you are going to do as a family. The activities of the nurseries and the classes must be consulted since it will also be necessary to request time in these places in advance, especially if we are going to go in high season.

Learning as a family

Family snow

If we do not want them to go to the nursery or there is not one in the station we go to, we can also start teaching them if we have basic notions of skiing. If not, it is best for the whole family to find a ski lesson to start with the basic guidelines. You have to find an area that is flat in principle, so that they learn to walk on skis, to slide and to master turns. It is a matter of going step by step and having fun with them in this process of learning a new sport.

Inform yourself before you go

It is important to know the weather before going, even if we have a reservation, since we may go in bad weather. We must not forget that we go with children and we want it to be a good experience for everyone. It is better to know how will the weather be to know if we can ski quietly all day or just a few hours. Do not forget the small details, such as car chains or taking food for the road.

Ski resorts in Spain

In Spain there are many ski resorts where we can go with children. Although in other countries they have ratings for the stations according to whether or not they are suitable for children, in this country they have begun to realize the importance of having adequate facilities for them. Sierra Nevada It is one of the best known, and without a doubt one of the perfect stations to go with the family. They have a ski pass for children, a snow playground, snow kindergartens and special conveyor belts for them. The Baqueira-Beret resort is one of those with the most playgrounds and slopes prepared for children to start skiing. At La Molina station they also have special activities for children, with a train created with articulated sleds for children from the age of three.

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