Reasons to travel without suitcases

Traveling without a checked bag is a joy, no matter where you look. To begin with, when traveling only with hand luggage you feel lighter and more comfortable, without forgetting that it allows us to save waiting times, money and even unnecessary annoyances because the suitcase will not be lost.

We know that it can be difficult not to carry a suitcase since it generates doubts and insecurities as to what we will need during the trip, but with there are several reasons to travel without a suitcase. You will see how it is a success.

Increased mobility

Moving a large and heavy suitcase or a pile of small packages from one place to another is really annoying. There is nothing worse than carrying things because it greatly reduces mobility, you have to pull your luggage to go up and down steps, pass the turnstiles, find a space in public transport ...

All those discomforts disappear when traveling without large suitcases and you will feel lighter when moving on the street, through the airport or when using the train or bus to get to your destination. You will enjoy greater mobility.

Less worries

If you carry many suitcases when traveling, it is difficult to focus your attention on them all the time and know where they are at all times. In the bus, train or airport stations there is always a lot of movement and people, which implies a greater risk for our belongings.

In public places there are always people willing to take advantage of an oversight to get a succulent loot that can give us a big headache. But if you carry a single carry-on suitcase you will be able to keep an eye on it better both at the airport or the station, and inside the plane or train.

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You will save time

By traveling only with a carry-on suitcase, there is no longer having to queue to check in luggage, since you can get to the airport and go directly to the security control. In addition, you will not have to wait to collect the suitcases on the belt because you will take it with you. And is that if many flights arrive at the same time, we can wait a good and tedious time ...

Also money

When it comes to moving, if you travel without suitcases, with only one carry-on suitcase, you will save money because you will not need to pay for a taxi to transport all your luggage. Plus, you won't need to check in so you won't have to pay for extra luggage.

And of course, when traveling without large suitcases you will not do a lot of purchases either because then you will not have where to store them. That also eliminates the problem of excess weight.

Prepare suitcase

How to travel lighter?

When preparing luggage, it is very common that we want to take a lot of things with us in case at some point during the trip we need them: clothes, footwear, first-aid kit, electronic devices, etc. But the reality is that we don't need as much as we think.

Footwear and clothing

The key is to think about the activities that we are going to carry out during our trip and choose what we need in a functional and strategic way. Choose clothes that can be combined with each other, so you will multiply your styles and you can adapt them more easily to the different situations in which you find yourself involved. The same thing happens with shoes.

The key is to carry less and reuse clothes by washing them during the trip in laundries or using the laundry service of the hotel where you stay.


If you are going to stay in a hotel during your trip, you will surely have at your disposal a small welcome toilet with products such as soap, toothpaste, comb, shampoo, gel, tissues, among other things. You don't need to take it from home because it will take up a lot of space in your carry-on.

Digital devices

You don't have to take your music player, laptop, tablet and game console with you, plus all the chargers. With your smartphone it will be enough. In addition, the less things you carry, the less you can lose and the lighter you will go.

Photo camera

With the idea of ​​traveling light, the most convenient is the mobile camera or a compact camera than a SLR. And if you decide to take the SLR camera, better if you only choose one lens.

Pack well

It is incredible how to know how to pack a suitcase well, Taking advantage of all the space and carrying the essentials can help us travel lighter.

In short, traveling without large suitcases, only with a handheld is more comfortable, gives greater mobility, there is less chance of being robbed, it is cheaper and allows us to save time without waiting in queues. Everything is benefits!

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