Tallinn, capital of Estonia


Tallinn is the capital of the Republic of Estonia and its most populous city, located on the Gulf of Finland. It is a city that is characterized by being beautiful and by having a historic center that has been declared a World Heritage Site. Being a city that is large but with areas to see that do not take us that long, it is ideal for a break of several days.

Let's see what are the main attractions of the city of Tallinn, a city that has a historic center that seems to be taken from a medieval tale. Walking its streets and discovering all the treasures that await us is something that will make us enjoy.

Town Hall Square

Town Hall Square

Almost all the cities and historic centers have a main square where the life of the city took place and where all the important acts were carried out. On Tallinn we have the one known as Town Hall Square or Raekoja plats. It is the center of its historic area and is usually very busy with a market that is held on a regular basis and in which we can buy from souvenirs to typical products. If you are lucky you can also attend an event, since it is the place where the vast majority are held. In the square we can also appreciate the beautiful XNUMXth century Gothic town hall that stands out with its imposing tower. Another of the most representative buildings in the square is the Burchart pharmacy, which is one of the oldest in the world. We will also enjoy taking photos of the colorful facades. If we are lucky enough to see this place in winter, this is where the great Christmas market full of stalls takes place.

Old town walls

Walls of TAllin

The defense of the ancient cities always came with the construction of the walls. In Tallinn they are still in fairly good condition and have therefore become an important part of visits to the city. These walls had 35 watchtowers that united them, which stand out for their circular plant and the reddish-toned roof. Today 25 towers are preserved and it is possible to walk through some sections of the wall, an experience that we should not miss. They also had several access gates to the city and today we can see, for example, the Viru gate.

Toompea Hill

Si we climbed the hill of Toompea We will find the best viewpoints in the city to obtain a panoramic view of the old town with its beautiful red roofs. It is another area that has points of interest, since you can go up the famous Pikk street and we find ourselves on the way with the Alexander Nevski Cathedral and that of Santa María. When we get to the viewpoints, we find Kohtu and Patkuli, two places from which the city can be seen from different perspectives.

Alexander Nevski Cathedral

Alexander Nevski Cathedral

This cathedral is another one of those must-see places in Tallinn. It is an Orthodox cathedral and was built in the XNUMXth century, while the city ​​was part of the Russian Empire. Today it shines with its magnificent domes and inside you can see some beautiful stained glass windows although they do not allow taking pictures. It is a cathedral that speaks of its past and that instead of being destroyed as it was thought in its day, it was renovated to be part of the points of interest in the city.

Pikk Street

This is one of the most picturesque streets that we can find in the area of ​​the historic center. This city is very well preserved and proof of this is this street through which we can also go up to the viewpoints. In this street there are houses that were the places where the main guilds of the old city were located. At the end of the street we find the Puerta Costera that belongs to the city walls and the Margarita la Gorda tower where the Maritime Museum is located.

look in the kitchen

Kiek in de Kok

This tower is part of the walls and is the artillery tower. Today it has three different spaces that can be visited together or separately. In the permanent exhibition we can learn more about the origins and history of the city. On the other hand you can see the so-called Bastion Tunnels, an interesting visit if we want to know the old defensive tunnels of the city. The last of the spaces that can be seen is the Carved Stone Museum, with stone figures from medieval times, one of the most prosperous times in the city.

St. Olaf's Church

Saint Olaf

This church is another essential point. It is a church from the XIII century that has the peculiarity of the stupendous tower. If we go up to it we can have excellent views of the city.

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